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On Your Street AED Program

If 12 houses in your street put in $200 each we can put in a great “Defib Machine” Value Package and  teach you how to use it for free.
The Australian Resuscitation Council says “for every minute defibrillation is delayed their is a 10% reduction in survival”

International Paramedic College

Why do this?

The Key To Survival in Sudden Cardiac Arrest Is the “Time to First Shock.”

The key to a community heart safe program and the success rate of CPR is based on early defibrillation. The time to first shock is the critical factor that determines your success in Sudden Cardiac Arrest. For every minute that defibrillation is delayed there is a 10% reduction in survival. So if it takes 10 minutes to go and get an AED and put it on someone then things are not looking great according to the “stats” from the Australian Resuscitation Council.

Ambulance response times are good but in country areas help is sometimes not as close at hand as we need. We need to help ourselves and you the general public can help save a life with the timely use of an AED. If its more than 10 minutes away you need one closer.

“Modern AED’s are simple to use and with training will improve pad placement and the time it takes to deliver a first shock. Modern public access AED’s are simple to use and can be used by anyone to help in a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Its not just older people, 4 people under 35 have a Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Australia every week. The city of Seattle in the USA has an effective public education and AED program. If we could emulate their success we could save around 34 Australians a day or 12,000 a year.” Its worth a try isn’t it.

Craig Nolan

CEO and Paramedic, International Paramedic College

News reports show a 21 year old Sunshine Coast woman was saved by the quick thinking of those around her and timely access to an AED after she almost died from a massive attack while using a rowing machine.

Emily Counter was working out at a Fitness center in Noosa when she had a seizure and went into cardiac arrest in October 2018

Watch the CCTV footage here

“The survival rate for cardiac arrest in King County Seattle has risen from 27% in 2002 and hit an all-time high of 62% in 2013” If we could do as well as them look how many more people we could save everyday.


% Australian survival rate


% of casualties die before reaching hospital


% survival rate target (Seattle USA)

Australians could survive each day with a Seattle system

“Overseas Survival rates are higher because the “time to first shock” is less”


“Key Features” of our AED programs

Ease of use for the general public

The IP55 rated LIFEPAK essential AED is easy to use and requires no complicated processes, it is just so simple to use. Just turn it on connect the pads and follow the prompts. It has adult and child settings with no need to change or buy extra pads.

Easy Access Highly Visable

Where should we put an AED? Consider

  • response time
  • highly visible labelled cabinet
  • rate of incidence
  • volume of employees/customers/visitors
  • the nature of the risk where you are
  • easy access at all times

Well Trained People

According to a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, individuals working long hours are 67% more likely to suffer from a heart attack during their lifetime. When you purchase an AED from IPC we will provide you with a free awareness training package to fit your needs.

Customised AED training with every AED you buy from IPC

As a registered training organisation, we can provide CPR training as well as full training, support and supplies for your AED.

“Adopt A Defib” make an anonymous donation of an AED

Contact us to discuss a way you can donate to the organisation of your choice “adopt a defib”

“Buy a Defib from the “most trusted profession” not a sales team

We will sell you an AED with training and ongoing monitoring and support. One best for your needs and from us the people who use them everyday.

What to look for when you buy an AED?

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Is it robust enough to handle our workplace environment and what are the replacement costs of battery and pads to ensure your AED is “ready to go”.

Signage and Cabinets

AED signs and public access cabinets.make your AED highly visible and accessible in an emergency.

AED Alert Program

  • Tracks daily status of AED
  • View and organise test reports
  • Check the location of each AED

Ease of Use and Training

Is the defib simple enough to be used by anybody following the instructions and voice prompts and with some basic training.

Child AEDs

Do we need extra pads or equipment to treat children. Some AED’s can use the same pads on Adults and Children saving you stocking costs.

Time Critical Support

The absence of early defibrillation combined with CPR means that the chances of survival decrease 10% every minute that passes.


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