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First Aid Class Lismore Ballina Byron Bay Answers for Questions

A question was raised about burns treatment in a First aid class in Lismore recently. Australian burns specialist Fiona Woods recently had a few words to say in the Perth Sunday Times on how first aid can dramatically alter the outcome for a patient.

Cooling a burn wound with clean cool running water between 15 and 18 degrees for 20 minutes within one hour of injury for a paediatric scold will change both the health budget and that persons life.

You can make a big difference by simply using water

They will go from needing, pressure garments, surgical intervention and reconstructive surgery as a 16 year old, to not needing  any after the first three months. Burns first aid like this in the last 20 years has decreased decreased hospital, surgical and intensive care time which quite simply makes things better for the patient and saves our health system a whole lot of money and resources because people can provide first aid management.

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