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Event Medical Partnerships Australia Wide

Get strong customer leads, grow your Event medical and support business with a national and international business directing its customer enquiries to you

International Paramedic College has a number of event medical service partners in cities and regional areas around Australia. As a national and international business, we generate a significant interest from event organisers who require event medical services.


We all rise by lifting others, let’s rise together

We generate strong leads through our national internet presence and positive customer reviews.

However, we do not service these leads ourselves. We pass them onto our strategic alliance partner in the service area to pursue and provide the services required at a price you negotiate with your customer, we simply supply the lead to you and you only, not your competitors.

We have strategic alliances with event medical companies and service providers like you, who can deliver quality services on the ground in your areas or regions.


The benefits of our strategic alliance with you are:

  1. Our dominant internet presence in all areas and regions of Australia
  2. You only pay a small one-time fee for the lead, regardless of the repeat business it generates for you
  3. You can list on our website and get event medical recognition for your website and web presence
  4. Provides powerful search engine optimisation and backlinks to your web business
  5. Engage with potential customers and build your repeat business for recurring events 

Complete our Event Medical Services Strategic Alliance interest form below. We will then contact you to discuss an Event Medical Services Strategic Alliance Agreement partnership with you.

Our business to business marketing leads are qualified prospects needing event medical services now

Work with us to grow your business and hey you might just buy some training from us as well. Building business to business links works for all of us


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