Free First Aid Emergency Training Courses

International Paramedic College has a strong focus on community and we run a number of free courses & programs in our local community in regional Australia.
“What to do until the Ambulance Arrives” is a 2 hour free evening program that we have developed which runs through a basic emergency management plan and includes CPR, the importance of managing major bleeding and what to do with an unconscious patient to protect their airway.

We run programs for

  • Local schools
  • Local community groups
  • Churches
  • Childcare groups
  • Volunteer groups
  • Disability and respite care groups
  • Fund raising sessions for volunteer groups, schools

If your organisation would like us to come and share our experience with you and give something back to the community, please give us a call or contact us.
Free Programs could be part of your community activity or fund-raising.

 Free Online Courses Education and Refresher Training

International Paramedic college provides a series of online links and resources as part of continuing professional development and to support the continuous eduction, learning and skills of our students.

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Access  our free online training courses and resources for community first aid and pre-hospital care paramedic information here


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Paramedic First Aid CPR and Childcare Training Courses

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