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First Aid Kit Refills

Please complete the details below and return to us so we can book your students into your on-site course.

We can only issue certificates to students who have a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) number.
Students can go to to create a USI number or find out their existing USI number. Further information about a USI is available from our website click here

Company Name
Course Date and time
What is the address of the venue and and access notes
Times courses run generally are as follows
First Aid/ Childcare First Aid Courses are maximum 7.5 hours
eg: 0900am - 0500 pm or 0830 am-0430 pm
CPR Courses are maximum 3 hours eg: 0900-1200
Advanced Resuscitation and Low Voltage Rescue maximum 5.5 hours
Invoice to be made payable to: (must include email address)
Attn: to whom ,Purchase order number/reference/
Agreed Minimum Day Rate* As per quote
Assessment Methods: We ask all students to complete our online enrolment, learning and assessment tasks prior to attendance at a course. They will be sent emailed login details when their enrolment is processed in our office. Optional paper based assessments are available on the day of the training

Course Venue Requirements: Venue must comply with social distancing requirements.

If you are providing the venue it must have a white board, air-conditioning, adequate comfortable seating for the group. Desks are not required if students have completed online assessment tasks prior to attendance. This option allows participants to practice social distance measures and reduces on-site time.

It must be a clean area and include enough social distanced space for CPR and practical activities on the floor. The seating should be pre- configured prior to arrival of the trainer with access to power to set-up our projector at front. Note the trainer will require access about 45 minutes prior to the course to set up for training.

Information about how we manage cross infection in training is available here

Online pre-course learning

Just so you know, we send students pre-course work online prior to training. This is a response to limit cross infection. Optional paper based assessments are available on the day of the training

Note: Bookings are subject to our payment terms and conditions available on our website.

Group bookings are subject to a minimum quoted day rate regardless of participant numbers. Our day rate is as per our quote to you. Invoices are issued when training is booked.

Privacy Notice

In submitting this from you warrant that you, being the person whose name and position appear below, have the authority to make this booking for and on behalf of the company/organisation. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in this form; this includes ensuring that International Paramedic College is notified in writing when the information changes. You agree that you have provided the information in the form voluntarily for education and training purposes for your organisation. The information you have provided is being collected by International Paramedic College in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and our Privacy Management policy. We agree to take all reasonable measures to ensure that personal information we collect is stored securely.

Learning Difficulties Physical Requirements

Individual students can notify International Paramedic College of any Language Literacy and Numeracy needs they have Physical requirements, any entry requirements course details, student handbook terms and conditions and refund policies are available on our website

We will arrive about 30 to 45 minutes prior to the class to set up the venue.

Please provide a whiteboard. We will provide all other training and assessment materials.

Name Position Company Address Please provide a contact phone number for day of course if trainer has access/venue or setup problems prior to the start of the course.