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I understand it’s your child and your freaking out about the situation but controlling your duress responses is vital. Somebody has to do something and today that person is you.

If your child stopped breathing today would you know what to do?

Fenton O’Leary and the team from the Children’s Hospital at Westmead  asked 348 parents and carers that question.

  • Only half had received formal CPR training
  • Only 11% knew the correct rate for chest compressions and the correct ratio of compressions to breaths.
  • A surprising 8% had performed real CPR

They reported the major reason for not performing CPR was a lack of knowledge.

Parents and carers of high-risk children are usually trained in basic life support but everyone could be trained in the simple process. Controlling your duress response to comfortably AND confidently perform basic CPR is vital here, someone has to do it.

Our Childcare First aid course (HLTAID004) includes CPR and AED training or you could attend a 3 hour CPR course. Our “freedom from fear” approach focus on convincing you that any attempts  at resuscitation is better than none at all.

Free “hands-on” training Course

We also offer a free course to parents that can be organised through your childcare centre, school or community group. Titled “What to do until the ambulance arrives” an Intensive care paramedic educator can   teach you basic CPR and other emergency skills


Free online Training Module

This great free resource is great to give parents and understanding of CPR and AED. Learning to use a defib and having a simple action plan can work for you too.

The free module can be found at

Resources are also available for the non-English speaking members of our community.

Craig Nolan
Craig Nolan

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Craig Nolan
Craig Nolan is an educator and manager with overall responsibility for the implementation of the International Paramedic College Group’s training, strategy, initiatives and expansion. Craig is a former Intensive Care Paramedic and Educator with The Ambulance Service of NSW and he is an active Committee member of Paramedics Australasia, the peak body for Paramedics in Australia and New Zealand.
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