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Our heart safe community at Korinderie Ridge, Evans Head

International Paramedic College recently delivered a new Lifepak CR2 Defib unit or AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to Korinderie Ridge Community in Evans Head

Korinderie Ridge Community Co-Operative Evans Head

Korinderie Ridge Community has put a new state of the art AED or “Defib Machine” at its tranquil location overlooking Evans Head to look after its community members. Recently, Doug and Meg from the community attended one of our free “What to do until the ambulance arrives” courses at Evans Head and Casino. They decided that an AED was a great idea as they live somewhat remotely with some difficult access and egress issues. They ordered the Lifepak AED gold value package with training and support locally from International Paramedic College. We provided a free upgrade of the model to the CR2 with wireless capability which would normally cost $600 more, free of charge.

AED Awareness training

AED awareness and emergency first aid training was delivered after our community lunch and we went on to explore what they can do until the ambulance arrives in an emegency. The group was particularly interested in Bleeding control with the military CAT tourniquets and the emergency bandage or “Israeli bandage” as it is sometimes called.

People in communities such as this face issues with snake bites, ticks and servere bleeding so we took the time to show them how to use our first aid essentials packages, tick tox and a few tricks of the trade to stop the bleed.

Having timely access to an AED is a smart move as is being cardiac safe because the Australian Resuscitation Council says “for every minute defibrillation is delayed there is a 10% reduction in survival.” It is one of the 7 reasons why you need an AED?

Did you know?

  • Four people under 35 suffer a sudden cardiac arrest in Australia every week.
  • Around 20,000 Australians suffer a cardiac arrest outside a hospital every year. 
  • The first 3-5 minutes after sudden cardiac arrest hold the key to survival.
  • The survival rate if you have a cardiac arrest outside of hospital is approximately 10%
  • An AED applied early can change the survival rate dramatically.

So it is all about reducing the time to first shock. First Aid training and CPR courses will help people feel more confident in using an AED and providing effective CPR but this AED is designed to be simple to use and can be used by people without formal training. It is a great public access defibrillator.

The Key To Survival in Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the “Time to First Shock.”

“Allocating resources in a co-operative way can be difficult. Differing demands on limited resources can push the decision to purchase an AED further back. It is easy to kick the can down the road until something tragic happens but this community have made a great choice and put their sense of community values upfront. I am so impressed with them. The purchase of a defib gives everybody in the community a better chance of survival in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. We recommended the lifepak essentials AED to them because we believe it is so simple for anybody to use in an emergency and it has adult and paediatric capablitity built in to it”.

Craig Nolan

CEO and Paramedic, International Paramedic College

Watch these vidoes to understand how simple it is to use the full automatic Lifepak CR 2 on Adults or Children in an Emergency.

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