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Paramedic Recognition of Traumatic Brain Injury


The “Darwin Awards” pay tribute to the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it. In this series of posts we will look at some potential award winners.

Here we see a historical  photo of a local inventor with a lot of faith in his product. As a human crash test dummy, literally throwing himself into his work Mr W T Warren shows off his helmet design to some interested onlookers around 1912

Providing First Aid and dealing with head injuries presents special challenges. This great image of the way the brain gets bruised and banged around from a blow to the head is from Dr. Giza from UCLA


One Punch Can Kill  (OPCK) offer a number of programs dealing with violence The One Punch Can Kill Campaign aims to prevent senseless violence among young people. Making split-second decisions can ruin their lives or the lives of others.

Helmets and reducing violence will help reduce head injuries.

If your workplace has the potential for head injuries to occur we can organise specific workplace training in how to manage them.