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Stop Arterial Bleeding – Advanced Bleeding Workshop


Online Attendance Stop Arterial Bleeding – Advanced Bleeding Workshop

Learn real practical skills in advanced bleeding control and the use of military style tourniquets to control torrential life-threatening bleeding. Learn how to identify and manage life threatening haemorrhage

Blood that is spurting out of the wound

Blood that won’t stop flowing out of the wound

Blood that is pooling on the ground

Clothing that are soaked with blood

Bandages that are soaked with blood

Loss of all or part of an arm or leg and neck wounds

Bleeding in a patient who is now confused or unconscious

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Online Course Stop Arterial Bleeding – Advanced Bleeding Control

Tactical training in managing severe bleeding and can be completed online or as part and in addition to in your First Aid or CPR training courses.

You are the help until the ambulance arrives and severe bleeding can lead to death in minutes. What can you do? Well we can show you some “tricks of the trade” to control bleeding and preserve blood supply for the body.

We have developed a unique and exclusive online training component to support this practical workshop in the use of military tourniquets and how you can control arterial bleeding.

This course is not part of any industry-specific course or accredited training package. We, as a Registered Training Organisation RTO 45284  International Paramedic College will issue a certificate of attendance stating you have completed the training.

Course Includes

We can also run this course on-site for larger groups.

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