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Refunds and Course Cancellation Policy

We operate fair and equitable fees, student transfer and refunds policy for people who undertake training, purchase products or services from International Paramedic College Pty Ltd.

Your enrolment in our courses is acceptance of our fees, refund policy and our terms and conditions set out here, on our website and in our student handbook. Please read and review these policies before enrolling in your course. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

When a student enrols in a course offered by International Paramedic College Pty Ltd and pays a course fee, it means a binding contract is created between the student and International Paramedic College. Notification of cancellation/withdrawal from unit/s of competency, withdrawal, or deferral from a course of study must be made in writing to International Paramedic College (IPC). Any refunds are made by bank deposit. To apply for a refund, you should email your request to: training@internationalparamediccollege.com.au

We will make refunds to students in certain circumstances as listed in the table below


Circumstance Refund Policy
Withdrawing from a training program Students are entitled to a refund of fees paid as per our refund terms and conditions if they withdraw and notify us in writing/email more than 7 working days before the scheduled start of the training program. Administration fee will apply.
If students withdraw within 7 working days before the scheduled start of the training program, no refund will be made.
If a training program is cancelled before commencement You will be entitled to a full refund of fees paid.
Course transfer to another available course Course transfer is free and will be allowed if advised 24 hours prior to the start of the course. You may need to complete any online assessment tasks again.
Course transfer or refunds are not available to students who “fail to show” for the class or who do not give the required notice.
Refund Guarantee
If for any reason, we cannot complete the training You will be entitled to a refund of fees proportional to the amount of training not delivered.

Refunds will not be issued when

  • Withdrawal from a course is less than 7 days before course commencement.
  • Changes occur in student’s work hours
  • Changes occur in student’s personal life
  • Student changes their mind and they have commenced the course
  • It becomes inconvenient for a student to travel to class
  • A student moves interstate
  • A student changes jobs or become retrenched
  • A student leaves before finishing course/unit of competency
  • A student is expelled from the training centre for a serious breach of discipline
  • A certificate has been processed and emailed to the student

Course transfer

Course transfer is allowed if advised 24 hours prior to the start of the course. You may need to complete any online assessment tasks again.

A transfer is not available to students who “fail to show” for the class or who do not give the required notice of 24 hours’ notice by email.

All requests for course transfer must be received by email to be acted upon.

Late Students/ Early departure

Students who arrive late, after the scheduled course start time, may be denied access to training and be required to pay an additional 25% of original course fees to rebook an alternative date.

Failure to attend training a second time will null and void any offer of course transfer.

Refunds will not apply to any fees paid

No refund is available if students leave before completing the course/unit of competency. However, if you wish to finalise incomplete units of competency at a future course, the original fee can be used as a credit towards that course plus an admiration fee to reschedule your booking. This offer is available within a 2 weeks period from the initial training date. Because of the nature of competency-based training and assessment, you may be required to attend the full course again.

Fee Protection

We are aware of our obligations as a Registered Training Organisation to protect any student fees paid in advance. To this effect, we have the following policy in place: we do not collect fees in advance of more than $1500

Payment Schedule

Where course fees are over $1500 in total, students will have to sign an agreed payment plan on enrolment. This plan will give payment dates and the amount of the instalment. It is your responsibility to ensure this payment is made. We will charge an additional 10% if we do not receive the payment and have to contact you to make arrangements to pay.

If there is default on the payment plan, the following may occur:

  • Suspension from accessing or attending training and assessment until the outstanding debt is paid
  • Referral to a debt collection agency after a period of 60 days

Fees for RPL

Fees for credit transfer may apply as per our published schedule of fees. Fees for RPL will depend on the number of units applied for and a price will be supplied on initial enquiry or application.

Replacement of Certificates or Statements of Attainment

We charge an administration fee to replace a Certificate or Statement of Attainment. All requests for replacements must be made in writing. You should allow 21 days from receipt of a request to delivery.

Business or Organisation Course Bookings Policy

When bookings are made by a business or organisation for IPC to provide onsite or workplace training, the following additional terms and conditions will apply.

We operate fair and equitable fees and refunds policy for business and organisations who undertake training with us.

Your acceptance of our quote or agreement to conduct training courses is acceptance of our fees and refund policy and the terms and conditions under which we offer training, goods or services.

If we agree to invoice your organisation then full payment for the agreed day rate is payable upon receipt of the invoice or its due date, by bank deposit only. Certificates will not be issued until payment is made in full.

Notification of course starts times, location, and student requirements to your staff, is your responsibility.

We will quote you our day rate price based on the number of students attending a course.

Your acceptance of the quoted price, our day rate, and confirmation of training is based on those minimum numbers. If students “fail to attend” for any reason, this is your responsibility.

We will invoice you for the agreed minimum numbers quoted in our day rate when you booked.

We understand that last-minute changes may apply in a dynamic business environment, and so we offer to accommodate employees who fail to attend on the day in future general courses under the terms noted here.

Additional students may always be added by mutual consent and costs adjusted accordingly.

Business and organisational “No Shows” or Failure to Attend Training Our Promise to You

As part of our fair and equitable fees and refunds policy, based on our day rate for business and organisations who undertake training with us. We promise that if students from your organisation fail to attend training, then we will make every attempt to accommodate them in future courses in our public courses when vacancies exist in those courses within 1 month of their failure to attend.

This promise does not apply to students who have arrived after the scheduled course start time and have been denied access to training.

Late students will be required to pay an additional administration fee to re-book in our general public courses.

Failure to attend training a second time will null and void this offer.

More Information

Our student handbook outlines our policies and procedures for our students

Our operations, sales and service policies are also outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

If you are unhappy with any decision made regarding fees and refunds, then please contact us or follow the Complaints and Appeals process available in the student handbook.