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Drive Your Own First Aid Business In Your Area

Become a first aid trainer with our “Partnership and Mentoring” to establish your own business as a first aid trainer where you live.


You Control Your Own Destiny


You Can Find Your Own Work/Life Balance


You Choose the People You Work With


For Minimum Startup Risk – You Reap the Rewards


You Can Challenge Yourself


You Can Follow Your Passion


You Can Give Back to Your Community


You Feel Pride in Building Something of Your Own


You Might Just Change the World Or At Least Your Part In It

A Real Partnership – Not just fees


If you have a desire to be thriving, not just surviving, you can run your own training business. We do the compliance work and all that heavy lifting while you lift your business. We can provide mentoring support and one on one coaching and clinical support to help you leap forward.


Learning Materials

We provide all the learning materials and powerpoints you will need.

Online Learning Enrolment

Our online system marks students work automatically.

Cheapest Partnership Rates

No start up costs from us and the cheapest rates to you

Turn Key System

A complete start-up system and website that can bolt onto ours


Nationally Accredited Courses

Deliver innovative First Aid, CPR and Childcare First Aid content that comes from and has been developed by clinicians and paramedics, not some cookie cutter curriculum you feel embarressed to deliver to your customers.

Sell Innovative market leading products like CAT Tourniquets Shark Attack Packs and AED packages that you can belive in.

Courses you can deliver with IPC

We focus on content and courses that are in demand and people want, not a whole list of courses that nobody wants.




First Aid


Childcare First Aid


Low Voltage Rescue


EMT & Medic Training


Mines Rescue


Paramedic Training

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What qualifications do I need to become a first aid CPR trainer?

Firstly you need to get on with people, relate to them in an educational context and enjoy sharing your first aid knowledge and skills. You need to be develop your confidence and training techniques as this will drive your business forward and satisfy the drive in you.


You must hold a current Certificate IV TAE40116 in Training and Assessment


If you possess the TAE40110, you must also have two additional units of TAELLN411 and TAEASS502


Current First Aid, Allied Medical or Paramedical Experience


Be over 18 Years of Age


Be willing to undergo a Police Check and Working with Children Check

Why Partner With International Paramedic College

To deliver nationallly recognised training like Provide First Aid, Provide CPR, Low Voltage Rescue or Childcare First Aid you must be a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or be in a third party arrangement or partnership with an RTO. Our first aid co-provider partnership agreements allows your business to deliver first aid training under the auspices of a leading clinically driven College. All training materials and mentoring are provided to you.


Industry Leading Student Management System

Your students can book courses online 24/7 and complete theoretical assessment tasks which are automatically marked

Everything Online


Certificates from International Paramedic College

Our logo on the certificates issued by International Paramedic College, a leader in clinical pre-hospital care training. Benefit by having our name and not some generic company name on the certificates

The success of one brand brings success to the other


No Upfront Fees from us

Your contract agreement will outline remuneration and  and contratual arrangements

Helps your cash flow


Unique Mentoring Program

Free one on one mentoring support and guidance each week. When you do well, we do well.

Online marketing and sales funnel


Quick Processing

Get  certificates fast

24 Hour Processing


Your Own Website

Your don’t need your own  website or page with your company information, all course dates, booking system and admin support and phone answering will come through our website and online student management systems. Students enrol with us as the RTO

Get a flying start

Speak with Medics

We are the real deal not a sales team. We can give you real clinical mentoring and support.

Modern Tools & Courses

Everything is online but if you want paper-based assessments we can do that too.

A Team Who Cares

The IPC team has spent a lifetime in the caring professions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other first aid providers?

This is a paramedic company run by Paramedics. Our CEO is a former Intensive Care Paramedic with NSW Ambulance

Can you help me with a website?

Yes we can, Do you like ours, we can provide you with a complete turn key business solution.

Can I sell AED's defib units also?

Yes, you can! We are a national distriubuitor for AED’s (defibs) and can provide you with great wholesale pricing through our bulk buying.

What equipment do I need to start my own first aid and CPR business ?

We can provide any equipment you need at the best prices around as we buy in bulk. You will need training AED’s, CPR manikins and a few other things we can help you with.

What are some of the setup costs?

Well unlike a franchise you don’t have a lot of high risk costs to get going. Some indicative costs would include;


APL sell a trainer starting package here. It will give you a general idea of equipment costs. You can often find stuff on gumtree/Facebook/eBay. That’s what we did when we started. We have second-hand equipment that we could provide cheaply also.
Projector/Screen/Laptop/Speakers. Laptop and computer speakers Cost vary widely
Business Costs:
You will use a copy of ours with a page set up from our site for a minimal fee
Have your own company setup about $1000 depending on how you set up.
Around $400-$600 a year. It depends on your turnover
You will have incidental business costs and experience tells me these can add up but you can grow into things as well.
Cost to you for our issuing certificates
As the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) we are responsible for compliance and issuing of certificates. We charge you a fee for each course we process to cover that compliance cost. They will vary depending on the level of support you need. We are happy to discuss those with you at any time.
If in your research this sounds doable then I encourage you to give me a call on 1300 244 994


“I did this course today. Serg and Craig were fantastic! They are ex-Intensive Care Paramedics, so from reviews I had read and generally, I thought they would be extremely knowledgeable and with real ‘practical’ experience they could pass on. I wasn’t disappointed.. they were great and provided a good and entertaining (often!) learning environment. They had 2 dummies per person (+ baby and child dummies) for CPR etc so we weren’t waiting in line to learn plus much more other equipment that I’ve not seen in my previous first aid courses years ago. I really feel as if now, worse case if I had to, I could put what I’ve learnt into practise and hopefully save a life or a limb.
Great course, great guys! 👌😀.”

Kristen Leslie

“I’m taking time today to write my first review ever! I completed my first aid course 2 weeks ago & I made myself a promise that I would leave a review because I’ve never met someone who has put so much of his own energy into his job such as Serge. He seems like an extremely down to earth but educated man, he is very engaging in his form of educating, very funny and seems to have a lot of life experience and therefore comes across with a very nice and easy to get along with vibe. I also get the idea that the owner of the company really cares about the students and wants everyone to walk away feeling like they have received the service and education they paid for. This is a great independent company and I hope you guys grow like you deserve to!.”

Surette Van Wyk

“This course is 5 star plus.
I have attended many First courses over my 50 years in major construction safety world wide and this is by far the best
Craig Nolan a gem.
His skills in presentation, hands on instruction, relation to personal experience and humour is just perfect for the First Aid content.
I thoroughly recommend any person to attend this course as it is life saving for all aspects of life
Well done to Craig and the Organisation

Graham Peters

“This course is FANTASTIC! Craig’s delivery of the content makes it super easy to understand and remember. Unlike other first aid courses I’ve done, I now feel I could apply the skills I learnt to numerous situations, not just the ones these courses typically tell you about. This is achieved through hands on learning where Craig breaks down skills that are normally overanalysed, and makes the use of them practical. Craig is a highly regarded paramedic, and this is evident through his teaching and learning stories which give context to the stuff he’s talking about. Simply fantastic and I recommend it to every person..”

Marcus Jones