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We are looking for first aid partnerships with people who would love to establish and build their own first aid business.

We are on the lookout for team members and opportunities in the pre-hospital care industry in Australia and around the world. Do you have what it takes to join our team? We’d love to hear from you!

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Kristine Gempesala 

Admin Extraordinaire

Kristine brings many years of experience as a teacher, educator and facilitator in the classrooms of the world to her management and support of the training functions of International Paramedic College. She makes our administration tasks run smoothly. Dedicated and diligent she provides us with great support and collaborates to make sure our training programs are done efficiently. She dedicates time to our community from the planning of our educational events to the creation of our student focussed educational materials. Nothing is too much trouble for Kristine.

Kristine comes from the Philippines and speaks several languages. Out of the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, long chats and good music.

Anne  Mcdiarmid

RTO Compliance

Anne from provides us with comprehensive, compliance support for International Paramedic College as an Australian Government Registered Training Organisations RTO 45284. With over 20 years as experience in  RTO Management and many years working at the front line as a successful VET Consultant, Anne manages our compliance solutions in a practical, no-nonsense way. Compliance with Australian Government standards is important for us as an RTO as it ensures we meet the highest standards. Anne delivers our Vocational Education compliance (VET) compliance in an uncomplicated systematic approach that allows us to get on with the training knowing that we are doing so with our high regulatory standards exceeded. Anne strategic direction drove our initial audit needs and her team continue to ensure our compliance with the ASQA standards at every audit milestone. Online Store is a library of cost-effective, straightforward VET documents that we use to provide us with compliant Policies and Procedures, Student and Trainer Manuals and Smart and Skilled support documents to access government funding schemes. We could not succeed without Anne’s critical support.

I don’t know how she finds the time but outside of work Anne spends time with her horses.

Lisa Garthe

We are so proud to have Lisa with and she brings over 25 years experience in emergency services with Fire Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW) and The State Emergency Services (SES) serving the Australian community in a wide and vast variety of emergency service, first responder and pre-hospital care roles. Lisa has filled front line roles as a member of task force and strike teams for out of area deployments following large scale natural disasters and Section 44 bushfires (a Section 44 is a ‘big one’ where the Commissioner has declared a State of Emergency exists). 

Lisa holds qualifications in casualty rescue, evacuation and multiple casualty situations, and has been a training others for over 10 years. She has a particular love of sharing her knowledge with new trainees, and empowering them within a safe environment to push the limits of learning and leaving the comfort zone of past knowledge behind. She gives us new ways to look at things. Lisa loves the complexities and challenges associated with rescue and among her qualifications, she is an endorsed Fire Brigade rescue operator  and rescue trainer and assessor with the SES. She has judged Australian rescue competitions across northern NSW. 

More recently, Lisa has joined the IPC office team to help with the ‘more behind the scenes’ aspects of International Paramedic College managing all parts of our work with students as well as continuing to train our full range of accredited first aid and emergency courses. 

We are so proud to have Lisa sharing her experience and great organisational skills with us here at International Paramedic College. Community service inspires her and we all benefit from her experience and wisdom.

Thanks Lisa we are proud to have you on board.

Wayne Havenaar

Talk about standards, this is a man who has set the bar high. Wayne is a course 31 Intensive Care Paramedic with the Ambulance Service of NSW who now deploys for the Ambulance Service of NSW and for the private paramedic sector as a Rescue Paramedic. Part of the elite Special Casualty Access Team or SCAT as they are known. Wayne as a SCAT Paramedics provided medical support to the various rescue agencies, specialist police units (such as the State Protection Group) and fire brigades in Urban Search and Rescue working on Rescue and medical retrieval helicopters; and accessing and treating patients in-situ. Cave, canyons, mines, or cliff ledges become the treatment room. They are self-sufficient and often ‘camp out’ with their patients when weather or operational conditions dictate a need to ‘stay put’ Wayne has the 'Core' SCAT skills and personal attributes of resilience, adaptability, teamwork & leadership.

Wayne worked as a clinical educator for NSW Ambulance mentoring paramedics on a learning journey, updating clinical protocols and introducing many new skills to trainee paramedic over his career.

Wayne’s served his country and competed his Commando Operations course in the Australian Military where among his many roles he was a Special Action Forces Patrol Medic, he served his country proudly. His extensive military background instilled a strong sense of duty.

He has volunteered and worked extensively in trouble spots around the world serving in remote medical clinics on as part of a global aid network throughout Africa and Asia and has received numerous commendations and medals including

  • NSW Police Award
  • State Emergency Service Commendation
  • ACT Emergency Medal
  • Military Service Medal
  • NSW Ambulance Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
  • National Service Medal

Wayne has real-world experience in the private paramedic sector where he has worked both in Australia and internationally for offshore medic and SOS organisations.

It is great to have all the experience and skills but you need to be able to share it with others, to nourish and draw learners along, encouraging them in their learning journey. The best skills and experience serve a greater good when they can be used to create educational ripples that flow forward. Thanks to Wayne the future looks bright.

We are proud to have him as part of the team.

Serge Brecard

Wow Is all I can say, Serge was a course 17 Intensive Care Paramedic which means he was in the 17th course of Intensive Care Paramedics ever trained in the ambulance Service in NSW.. Serge spent an eternity working for the Ambulance Service of NSW on the streets of inner-city Sydney. That’s when I first met Serge. Serge Brecard was an inspiriting and insightful street paramedic who had a unique ability to relate to people on so many levels. As an Intensive Care Paramedic at that time, it was Serge's role to back up ambulances when they requested Intensive Care Paramedic backup and support because of the extreme nature of the cases they had in front of them. These high volume high caseload areas like the of the inner-city areas of Sydney requires of its paramedics a special type of flexibility, adaptability and people skills to deal with the constant exposure to life-threatening and diverse social situations that are the daily workload of an inner city intensive care Paramedic. Serge is now Teaching First Aid and CPR courses locally for International Paramedic College.

Craig Nolan

As a course 23 Paramedic Craig completed his Bachelor of Paramedic Practice degree from Charles Sturt University and has significant clinical experience at the highest Paramedic clinical level. Craig was an Intensive Care Paramedic and clinical trainer of Paramedics for the Ambulance Service of NSW, the third largest ambulance service in the world. It responds to a request for assistance about every 28 seconds of the day.

The Intensive Care paramedics were about 200 specially trained paramedics out of a staff of 4000 in the ambulance service of NSW. Craig worked in the busy inner-city areas of Sydney providing a frontline response for critical cases that were beyond the scope of care of regular paramedic ambulance officers. Delivering high quality mobile intensive critical care support in a wide variety of emergency situations in a busy inner-city area requires Intensive Care Paramedics to be able to administer the full range of advanced clinical skills, procedures and medications out in the field. Sydney was one of the first cities in the world to establish such a system.

Because of this experience, Craig has quite unique people skills developed in “real world” trauma and emergency situations. He completed his educational and teacher training at the University of Technology in Sydney and while he has learnt the theory, he has a unique skill of taking complex ideas and explaining them in simple digestible pieces, sharing his experience freely.

Craig is an experienced educator who has to implement and managing training programs in pre-hospital emergency care sector here in Australia and overseas. He brings an ethical patient based reasoning to overwhelming emergency problems, showing students a way to logically work through the complexities through simplicities.