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Meet Our Team

International Paramedic College Real world trainers educators and people with real world experience

To help you learn, International Paramedic College has skilled paramedics, clinical and rescue and first responders experienced in emergency medicine and pre-hospital care.

Real world educators with something to share.

Experience is great but you must have the ability to share that experience, to draw on it and shape it into a holistic meaningful way, allowing students to see the big picture or the main game, not just a series of parts.

While the trainers and educators are the public face of our learning organisation it is powered by a back office team that provides the scaffolding to support students and focus on all the things that need to be done to make it all work. They make where we work a nicer place to be. Their patience, grace and kindness and how they manage the little things that can easily slip through the cracks in a busy environment is just amazing.

Thanks to all of you

“I didn’t become an EMT to get a front-row seat to other people’s tragedies. I did it because I knew the world was bleeding and so was I, and somewhere inside I knew the only way to stop my own bleeding was to learn how to stop someone else’s.”

Daniel José Older

Noelene Monsell

Noelene Monsell has come on-board completing a trainee ship in business. She has developed great customer service and administrative organisation skills. Her sharp mind and organisational abilities keeps the place running smoothly and makes sure we don’t let things slip through the cracks in a busy office.

Noelene is taking administrative charge of our RAMOAP Anaphylaxis Training administration for Department of Education (DoE) schools. She also juggles the appointments/training calendar and manages the endless stream of phone calls and emails into a busy office. If you are having a nice chat on the phone, then it is Noelene helping you out with phone bookings or other student enquires.

The phone is often the first point of contact into our business, and she can help student navigate the training processes with International Paramedic College.

When free she spends a lot of time with her family, friends and of course the dogs.

Allan Burnett

Allan Burnett has 20 years of experience at the front line of emergency medical care in the Ambulance Service of NSW. Originally stationed in the Riverina region and latter as an Intensive Care Paramedic in Western Sydney and the Northern rivers region of NSW, Allan has developed a wealth of clinical experience over that time to share with our students.

In a step to the left and to follow his passion and interest he shifted from form saving lives in the front line  of the NSW Ambulance to an educational role in a specialist area of envenomation. Allan has been travelling throughout most of Australia educating communities and raising awareness of venomous creatures, mainly reptiles.
He has an encyclopaedic knowledge and understanding of the many snakes and venomous creatures that inhabit our wide brown land and was invited to lecture at numerous universities for students of biology and medicine.

Allan has joined us here at International Paramedic College because he is an educator at heart and is keen to share his skills and knowledge, helping those who desire to help others.

We are proud to have Allan on board with us here at International Paramedic College

Anne Mcdiarmid

RTO Compliance

Anne from provides us with comprehensive, compliance support for International Paramedic College as an Australian Government Registered Training Organisations RTO 45284. With over 20 years as experience in  RTO Management and many years working at the front line as a successful VET Consultant, Anne manages our compliance solutions in a practical, no-nonsense way. Compliance with Australian Government standards is important for us as an RTO as it ensures we meet the highest standards. Anne delivers our Vocational Education compliance (VET) compliance in an uncomplicated systematic approach that allows us to get on with the training knowing that we are doing so with our high regulatory standards exceeded. Anne strategic direction drove our initial audit needs and her team continue to ensure our compliance with the ASQA standards at every audit milestone. Online Store is a library of cost-effective, straightforward VET documents that we use to provide us with compliant Policies and Procedures, Student and Trainer Manuals and Smart and Skilled support documents to access government funding schemes. We could not succeed without Anne’s critical support.

I don’t know how she finds the time but outside of work Anne spends time with her horses.

David Patriki

David Joined the most trusted profession through the Bachelor of Paramedicine down in Victoria. At first, he was uncertain if a Paramedic Career was right for him as he worked his way through the degree program at the Australian Catholic University. Everyone at University seemed so sure in their choice of career. When David joined Ambulance Victoria as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic on completion of his degree, the rewards and challenges of working in emergency care provided that great sense of purpose, real joy and an immense satisfaction and happiness that comes from helping others in times of crisis.

Along with volunteering with the State Emergency Service (SES), Disability support and after several years and countless emergency jobs along his journey as a Paramedic, David sort out further training and assessment qualifications as a way to provide the “ripple effect” in sharing his clinical experience with others, so that they can help those around them in their time of need until an ambulance can get to them.

While still working with Ambulance Victoria David seeks to sharing some of that hard fought clinical experiences with others in his community. He's focus in education aims to strip back a lot of the complexity that often comes with first aid courses and emergency training.

Perhaps it’s the years teaching Yoga or just his nature, but David exudes a gentle, natural calmness in those around him. He delivers exceptional, tangible and practical knowledge and real-world skills to his students so they feel like they can face the challenges before them.

We are so proud to have David on board with us here at International Paramedic College Australia


Andrew Stalker

Andrew came to us from the Oil/Gas Industry where he was employed as a HSE & Training Specialist on drill rigs. In this role Andrew has worked in some remote locations of Australia requiring a good knowledge and understanding of the pre-hospital care of patients with trauma and medical conditions.

He has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in a variety of careers consisting of Military, Fire Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW) and Safety.

Andrew has a number of qualifications in which he has utilised over time ranging in Safety, Medic, Diploma of Paramedic Science, Leadership & Management & of course Training. He is an approachable and lateral thinker that incorporates real life situations into his training and is able to adapt the training to suit his classes.

Andrew Loves his dogs and travels around Australia at every opportunity. His gentle nature and warm personality make you feel at ease in his presence. We are so proud he has joined us here at International Paramedic College


"When you start out as a paramedic the patients just seem to be a pulse, blood pressure and ECG reading. It's seems easier that way. Perfusion determines treatment is like a mantra curdling in your brain. That barrier gets breached, the emotion of it it seeps in to your inner reaches and shapes you. You take on the life of the emotions, their stories become yours with all their hope, tradgedy stuggle and redemption. Its a great life story that confounds and amazes you with the resiliesnce of the human spirt. Thanks for sharing that with me"

Craig Nolan

Intensive Care Paramedic and Educator, International Paramedic College


Lisa Garthe

We are so proud to have Lisa with and she brings over 25 years experience in emergency services with Fire Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW) and The State Emergency Services (SES) serving the Australian community in a wide and vast variety of emergency service, first responder and pre-hospital care roles. Lisa has filled front line roles as a member of task force and strike teams for out of area deployments following large scale natural disasters and Section 44 bushfires (a Section 44 is a ‘big one’ where the Commissioner has declared a State of Emergency exists). 

Lisa holds qualifications in casualty rescue, evacuation and multiple casualty situations, and has been a training others for over 10 years. She has a particular love of sharing her knowledge with new trainees, and empowering them within a safe environment to push the limits of learning and leaving the comfort zone of past knowledge behind. She gives us new ways to look at things. Lisa loves the complexities and challenges associated with rescue and among her qualifications, she is an endorsed Fire Brigade rescue operator  and rescue trainer and assessor with the SES. She has judged Australian rescue competitions across northern NSW. 

More recently, Lisa has joined the IPC office team to help with the ‘more behind the scenes’ aspects of International Paramedic College managing all parts of our work with students as well as continuing to train our full range of accredited first aid and emergency courses. 

We are so proud to have Lisa sharing her experience and great organisational skills with us here at International Paramedic College. Community service inspires her and we all benefit from her experience and wisdom.

Thanks Lisa we are proud to have you on board.


Tamieka Huxley

Tamieka has joined International Paramedic College to deliver first Aid training in the Grafton, Maclean Yamba and Iluka area. A strong desire to help and for the well being of others, Tamieka shares her time ideas and energy to help build confidence in our learners.

Tamieka commenced studies in her Bachelor in Registered Nursing, completing hospital and residential placements but like many of us who start on one path, we hear the call to travel a different path and so she pivoted to emergency care and education.

Like most of us that experience life changing events through powerful personal experiences, Tamieka's experience in emergency events in her workplace asked questions of herself and steered her along the training  and education pathway. She could see the how easy the gap or lack of confidence in emergency situations could be overcome with some basic first aid “know how” within the wider community, Tamieka spent time with our paramedics and educators quenching her thirst for knowledge and finding creative ways to deliver first aid and CPR training around the Grafton, Maclean Yamba and Iluka area.

Tamieka has a young family and spends her time balancing those joys with her training. Come along and spend some time refreshing your skills and with her. We are proud to have her on board with us here at International Paramedic College

Kristine Gempesala 

Admin Extraordinaire

Kristine brings many years of experience as a teacher, educator and facilitator in the classrooms of the world to her management and support of the training functions of International Paramedic College. She makes our administration tasks run smoothly. Dedicated and diligent she provides us with great support and collaborates to make sure our training programs are done efficiently. She dedicates time to our community from the planning of our educational events to the creation of our student focussed educational materials. Nothing is too much trouble for Kristine.

Kristine comes from the Philippines and speaks several languages. Out of the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, long chats and good music.

“I didn’t become an EMT to get a front-row seat to other people’s tragedies. I did it because I knew the world was bleeding and so was I, and somewhere inside I knew the only way to stop my own bleeding was to learn how to stop someone else’s.”

Daniel José Older


Serge Brecard

Wow Is all I can say, Serge was a course 17 Intensive Care Paramedic which means he was in the 17th course of Intensive Care Paramedics ever trained in the ambulance Service in NSW.. Serge spent an eternity working for the Ambulance Service of NSW on the streets of inner-city Sydney. That’s when I first met Serge. Serge Brecard was an inspiriting and insightful street paramedic who had a unique ability to relate to people on so many levels. As an Intensive Care Paramedic at that time, it was Serge's role to back up ambulances when they requested Intensive Care Paramedic backup and support because of the extreme nature of the cases they had in front of them. These high volume high caseload areas like the of the inner-city areas of Sydney requires of its paramedics a special type of flexibility, adaptability and people skills to deal with the constant exposure to life-threatening and diverse social situations that are the daily workload of an inner city intensive care Paramedic. Serge is now Teaching First Aid and CPR courses locally for International Paramedic College.

"Great maturity, an ability to think clearly under extreme pressure, teamwork, critical time management skills, dedication focus and commitment are just some of the personal qualities and characteristics that Paramedics must have to work in continuous life-threatening situations that are their daily work".

Dr Bob Wright

Director St Vincent's Hospital's Intensive Care Unit

Wayne Havenaar

Talk about standards, this is a man who has set the bar high. Wayne is a course 31 Intensive Care Paramedic with the Ambulance Service of NSW who now deploys for the Ambulance Service of NSW and for the private paramedic sector as a Rescue Paramedic. Part of the elite Special Casualty Access Team or SCAT as they are known. Wayne as a SCAT Paramedics provided medical support to the various rescue agencies, specialist police units (such as the State Protection Group) and fire brigades in Urban Search and Rescue working on Rescue and medical retrieval helicopters; and accessing and treating patients in-situ. Cave, canyons, mines, or cliff ledges become the treatment room. They are self-sufficient and often ‘camp out’ with their patients when weather or operational conditions dictate a need to ‘stay put’ Wayne has the 'Core' SCAT skills and personal attributes of resilience, adaptability, teamwork & leadership.

Wayne worked as a clinical educator for NSW Ambulance mentoring paramedics on a learning journey, updating clinical protocols and introducing many new skills to trainee paramedic over his career.

Wayne’s served his country and competed his Commando Operations course in the Australian Military where among his many roles he was a Special Action Forces Patrol Medic, he served his country proudly. His extensive military background instilled a strong sense of duty.

He has volunteered and worked extensively in trouble spots around the world serving in remote medical clinics on as part of a global aid network throughout Africa and Asia and has received numerous commendations and medals including

  • NSW Police Award
  • State Emergency Service Commendation
  • ACT Emergency Medal
  • Military Service Medal
  • NSW Ambulance Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
  • National Service Medal

Wayne has real-world experience in the private paramedic sector where he has worked both in Australia and internationally for offshore medic and SOS organisations.

It is great to have all the experience and skills but you need to be able to share it with others, to nourish and draw learners along, encouraging them in their learning journey. The best skills and experience serve a greater good when they can be used to create educational ripples that flow forward. Thanks to Wayne the future looks bright.

We are proud to have him as part of the team.

Damien Adams

Damien is a First Aid Trainer for the International Paramedic College. He had 8 years experience as a Paramedic/Officer-in-Charge with Queensland Ambulance Service before moving overseas to take up the role of Inspector – Paramedic with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons where he was responsible for developing many in-house training programs as well as establishing the continuing education and skills maintenance program for the Paramedics employed at OPCW.

After OPCW Damien moved into the emergency management and business resilience fields for Central and Local Government in the UK while maintaining his clinical skills as a qualified Advanced Life Support Instructor and Advanced Trauma Life Support Instructor.

We are so happy to have Damien come on board here at International Paramedic College. He brings a really diverse range of experiences in international roles and Emergency Care

Pat Deesuwan

Pat Deesuwan has a broad role here and is one of those busy people that is always on the go. She manages our finance and accounts in the back office. Pat brings a wealth of experience in the management, monitoring accounting and reporting of our systems to ensure the student experience is as smooth as possible and things run well behind the scenes. Pat also manages our booking and compliance aspects with certificates or Statement of Attainments (SOA) issued by International Paramedic College as a registered training organisation.

When you order from our “Online Paramedic Store” our timely dispatch of our customer orders falls to Pat. She ensures that trainers are well stocked and supplied and that they all have the training and education supplies that they need to deliver training. It is the little attention to details that make it all work.

Given that she finds some free time you can find her in the garden cultivating flowers or different vegetables and plants or spending time with the little kids (also known as the dogs) who follow her all around the garden.

Craig, our educational manager with International Paramedic College has long been a member of what is regularly voted “the most trusted profession”. He has represented Paramedics on the NSW committee of Paramedics Australasia, the peak body representing Paramedics across Australia and New Zealand for for six years.

Craig Nolan

As a course 23 Paramedic Craig returned after his initial Intensive Care Paramedic Training and completed his Bachelor of Paramedic Practice degree from Charles Sturt University and has significant clinical experience at the highest Paramedic clinical level.

Craig was an Intensive Care Paramedic and clinical trainer of Paramedics for the Ambulance Service of NSW, the third largest ambulance service in the world. It responds to a request for assistance about every 28 seconds of the day.

The Intensive Care paramedics were about 200 specially trained paramedics out of a staff of 4000 in the ambulance service of NSW. Craig worked in the busy inner-city areas of Sydney providing a frontline response for critical cases that were beyond the scope of care of regular paramedic ambulance officers. Delivering high quality mobile intensive critical care support in a wide variety of emergency situations in a busy inner-city area requires Intensive Care Paramedics to be able to administer the full range of advanced clinical skills, procedures and medications out in the field. Sydney was one of the first cities in the world to establish such a system.

Craig spend six years on the NSW Committee of Paramedics Australasia the then peak body for Paramedics in Australia and New Zealand during the push for competency standards and National Registration of Paramedics in Australia

Because of this experience, Craig has quite unique people skills developed in “real world” trauma and emergency situations. He completed his educational and teacher training at the University of Technology in Sydney and while he has learnt the theory, he has a unique skill of taking complex ideas and explaining them in simple digestible pieces, sharing his experience freely.

Craig is an experienced educator who has to implement and managing training programs in pre-hospital emergency care sector here in Australia and overseas. He brings an ethical patient based reasoning to overwhelming emergency problems, showing students a way to logically work through the normal duress responses and through the complexities see the simplicities