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Scenario and Simulation Training at your place, Yes we can


Our full range of accredited courses can be delivered at your venue

If you are tired of sitting through the same boring lecture time and again, year after year then try our unique spin, learn to step to the left and look at things differently

We can run our full range of childcare, first aid, cpr advanced first aid, resuscitation, WHS and occupational and first aid management courses at your location or venue. Because we are experts in emergency medicine we can contextualise and focus the accredited curriculum to suit your industry specific needs. Maybe you need refresher first aid training or just need to learn and review new accredited workplace skills and competencies for your north coast crew.

Get confident and competent, not just compliant, it is possible

Conducting in-house training at your workplace or venue can be a great option for businesses, community groups or organisations. A familiar environment can add an authentic touch to our patient scenarios. It is also much easier for managers to organise training activities at suitable times for everyone involved.

From remote area care, advanced life support and specialist resuscitation, IV access and advanced airway management for specialist healthcare workers, patient assessment and scene management, extrication and transport techniques to first aid with a specific industry focus

Specialist structured specific learning scenarios and simulations

Our background in emergency scene management, patient care and education at the highest levels of ambulance and paramedic training means we can develop creative in-house training, tailored and contextualised scenarios relevant to your workplace.

Build staff confidence by following a specialist and specific routine to manage emergencies in the work environment. Anyone who has completed one of our courses can tell you that we have a specific way of organising and structuring your thinking and actions to enable you to work better in duress situations.

This brings great personal and organisational benefits in patient care, customer and client management and reduces costs by targeted appropriate training. Also there are auxiliary benefits like less travelling expenses, less organising and scheduling of staff, a more relaxed targeted training environment and better value for your training dollar. Interact with your work colleagues in a different way, building and enhancing teamwork and mutual respect.

Talk to us about tailored training

In house training works best if you have suitable facilities available such as an air conditioned room free from disruptions and excessive noise, chairs and tables and floor space for practical activities or we prefer suitable outdoor facilities. We can supply a whiteboard, data projector and screen if you do not have these available. We will work with you and develop valid authentic scenarios and provide all the necessary equipment to contextualise the training to the specialist scenarios.

We specialise in simulation and contextualised training

Powerful learning, confidence and behavioural change are what people are saying about our targeted training.  As paramedic educators and trainers we are experts in powerful simulation of real world workplace skills and training at your locations. We will meet with you and develop a detailed plan and series of learning outcomes specific to your needs.

You will be amazed at the perspective transformation we can create from our well developed teaching methodologies. Developed for real world contexts and for those that are sick of the same boring lecture they have sat through time and again.

Contact us today to discuss in-house training options specific to your needs .


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