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It often seems that anyone who puts a band aid on calls themselves a paramedic nowaAccredited workskills on the North Coastdays. Recent legislative changes now prohibit many people who have called themselves paramedics from doing so now.

To help you, International Paramedic College has skilled paramedics experienced in emergency medicine and prehospital care. Real world paramedics with significant clinical expertise to draw upon. Significant clinical experience and an ability to share that experience, to draw on it and shape it into  a holistic educational package, allowing students to see the big picture or the main game, not just a series of parts.

Craig, our educational manager and lead trainer with International Paramedic College has long been a member of what is regularly voted “the most trusted profession”. He is elected and currently active on the NSW committee of Paramedics Australasia, the peak body representing Paramedics across Australia and New Zealand

He completed his Bachelor of Paramedic Practice degree from Charles Sturt University and has significant clinical experience at the highest Paramedic clinical level. Craig was an Intensive Care Paramedic and Quality first aid and paramedic educationclinical trainer of Paramedics for the Ambulance Service of NSW, the third largest ambulance service in the world, which responds to a request for assistance about every 28 seconds.

The Intensive Care paramedics were about 200 specially trained paramedics out of a staff of 4000 in the ambulance service of NSW. Craig worked in the busy inner-city areas of Sydney providing frontline response for critical cases that were beyond the scope of care of regular paramedic ambulance officers. Delivering high quality mobile intensive critical care support in a wide variety of emergency situations in a busy inner-city area requires Intensive Care Paramedics to be able to administer the full range of advanced clinical skills, procedures and medications out in the field. Sydney was one of the first cities in the world to establish such a system.

Because of this experience Craig has quite unique people skills developed in “real world” trauma and emergency situations. He completed his educational and teacher training at the University of Technology in Sydney and while he has learnt the theory, he has a unique skill of taking complex ideas and explaining them in simple digestible pieces, sharing his experience freely.

knowledge power

Great maturity, an ability to think clearly under extreme pressure, teamwork, critical time management skills, dedication focus and commitment are just some of the personal qualities and characteristics that Paramedics must have to work in continuous life threatening situations that are their daily work.