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Terms and Conditions of Training, Goods, and Services Provision

Thank you for choosing International Paramedic College. We deliver nationally recognised training, goods and services that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the pre-hospital care sector. The page provides students with information about the nationally recognised training courses, goods, and services we provide and about the operations of our RTO.

International Paramedic College reserves the right to reject any application/enrolment or order for any reason. Including if a course is already full or a product or service are not currently available, or we are unable to supply a product or service for any reason. If we reject an application or order, we will endeavour to notify you of that rejection within a reasonable time after you submit your application or order. If we have already received your payment, we will return, or refund in full, your payment promptly after our rejection notification.

Our Method of Delivery

We deliver our courses by using a range of delivery strategies in classrooms, community facilities on site and in the workplace. We use a range of educational strategies to deliver our training and assessment of nationally accredited training. Adults have different ways of learning, so our content and learning methodologies can be contextualised to a variety of training environments. We believe in a supportive learning environment provides the best outcome for students.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that we will provide quality training and assessment that meets the requirements of the Australian Quality Framework, other legislation that is relevant to Registered Training Organisations and in the time frame and as described in our Course Information. If for whatever reason we cannot supply the training and assessment services that you have enrolled in, we will refund student fees in accordance with our Fee Payments refunds and cancellation refund policy, available in the footer of our website. If you need any clarification about anything included here, please ask your trainer/assessor or contact the CEO.

Fee Charges Cancellations and Refunds

We operate fair and equitable fees, student transfer and refunds policy for people who undertake training, purchase products or services from International Paramedic College Pty Ltd.

We hope you understand that a training business sells places in courses. Like an airline or a hotel, once the date has passed, we cannot sell the place in that course again, which is why we ask for notice of any changes. We often shut off online bookings as courses fill up, so we lose any potential bookings and potential customers. When we reschedule your place in a course, we then lose another seat that could have been sold or for someone who needs to complete the course quickly for work purposes. Our Fees Payments refunds and cancellation refund policy, available in the footer of our website.

Your enrolment in our courses or any purchase from us, is acceptance of our fees, refund policy and our terms and conditions set out here, on our website and in our student handbook. Please read and review these policies before enrolling in your course.

If, after reading our policy, you would like to apply for a refund or other consideration, please do so by email to training@internationalparamediccollege.com.au Our non-refundable administration fee will be applied as indicated in this policy. Please allow up to 2 weeks for any refund to be processed.

Individual or Public Course Bookings Policy

We operate a fair and equitable fees, student transfer and refunds policy for individual students who undertake training with International Paramedic College Pty Ltd (IPC). Your enrolment in our courses, purchase of our products or services is in accordance with fees and refund policies terms and conditions and associated policies of IPC. Please read and review our policies prior to enrolling in courses, purchasing products or services from IPC.

Company or Organisation Bookings Policy

Invoices will be issued to pre-approved  organisations and companies making on-site bookings or bookings for public courses at the time of booking. Payment terms are 7 days and can only be extended by agreement. Fees may apply as per our fees and refunds policy for late payment of invoices. When we issue a quote for provision of onsite training, it will relate to the number of attendees. We do not charge a per-person rate for onsite training. You will be quoted a rate for up to a certain number of participants. Additional people may be added as per our quote to you.


We respect the privacy of our students and ensure that all information is collected and stored in accordance to the Privacy Act of 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles. You can access our privacy policy here.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

All students in Australia must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This will be a lifelong number which will enable your records and results obtained to be collected in an online system. By having a USI, you will be able to access your training records and results (or transcript) whenever you need to. You must have a USI before we, or any, RTO can issue Certificates or Statements of Attainment. If you require help in obtaining one, please contact the office. If you are unable or choose not to provide one or have an exemption granted under the Student Identifiers Act 2014. Then your training outcome will not be recorded on your USI account and will not be available in future years as part of the authenticated USI transcript service. More information about your USI number is available here.


We expect students to attend all training sessions/workshops and to complete assessments on time according to the assessment schedule you will be given at the start of your course. Dates are outlined in the course information on our website and in course brochures and website. If you are unavoidably unable to attend, you must inform the office or our trainer before the start of the scheduled training. Cancelling an Enrolment or Withdrawing from Training.

Cancellation of enrolments or intention to withdraw from training must be made in writing or email to IPC Administration. Requests for refunds must be in writing or email. For complete details on refunds, refer to the Fee and Refunds section in the Student Handbook or our Fee Payments refunds and cancellation refund policy, available in the footer of our website.

Issuing Certificates and Statements of Attainment

It is the responsibility of International Paramedic College to issue AQF Certification Documentation.  We will issue all Certificates or Statements of attainment within 30 days of the student being assessed as competent if the training program in which the student is enrolled is complete and all agreed fees have been paid. Please note: we include a link on the certificates that enables future employers or other RTOs to verify when and where the certificates were issued. All Certificates or Statements of Attainments will be issued electronically and have security measures, Replacements will incur an Administration Fee.

Reasonable Adjustment

International Paramedic College understands that not all students can demonstrate competency in the same way; therefore, it may be necessary to adjust the assessment tasks for individual students. This is called Reasonable Adjustment, and it is the process of adjusting or changing the assessment to meet the needs of the student being assessed.

Students with any of the following could expect reasonable adjustment to occur and should speak to their trainers and assessors regarding any changes they feel they need:

  • Physical disabilities
  • Limited language
  • Limited literacy and numeracy skills
  • Limited communication skills
  • Limited learning strategies

The types of adjustments that are made must be within our capacity to provide them, and include:

  • Oral response to questions rather than written
  • Allowing extra time for assessment
  • Using a support person
  • Enlarging reading material

Students will be asked at enrolment to ensure any required adjustments can be addressed. Furthermore, you can discuss any special needs with your assessor, who may be able to make any required, reasonable adjustment to the assessments to meet these needs. Please note the requirements under physical activity below.

Enrolment in training with IPC requires participants to provide details on any learning or physical difficulties which may impact on their training outcomes. This may include any language, literacy, or numeracy or health issues.

Many first aid and CPR courses require students to perform CPR on the floor for a period of time. Please be aware of any requirements of your training course.

Reasonable Assessment may include access to paper-based assessments for those who are unable to complete the online assessment tasks.

Reasonable adjustment does not include individual instruction in our group/class based -courses. Talk to the office if a quote for individual instruction is required.

Physical Requirements

If you suffer an allergy to latex products, please advise us. Practical activities will involve training scenarios conducted at floor level and contact with other students/instructors. Please wear suitable clothing CPR is a rigorous physical activity requiring you to compress the chest of a manikin downwards about a third of the chest depth continuously at 100 to 120 times a minute for a continuous period of 2 minutes. This requires a level of endurance, strength, and fitness appropriate to this task. If you have current physical injuries, medical problems or limitations, please discuss this with your trainer. You must don’t injure yourself or exacerbate an existing condition in training.

Submission of Assessments

If courses have assessment timetables, you will be required to submit assessments on time as per the Assessment Schedule for your course. Extensions to assessment deadlines must be requested in writing to your assessor, and it is at their discretion if extra time will be allowed.

Authenticity of work

When you submit a written assignment for assessment, you will have to sign a statement that it is all your work and has not been copied from other sources.

Assessment Appeals Procedure

For information on how to appeal an assessment decision, refer to the Complaints and Appeals Policy included in  the Student Handbook.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is the process by which your existing skills, knowledge, and experience are recognised towards the achievement of a qualification.  These skills may have been obtained through: Training programs; work experience; voluntary work; school work, life or sporting experience Further details on RPL are available here.

Credit Transfer (CT)

International Paramedic College recognises the training you have successfully completed with other RTO’s (or previously by us) and can apply a credit to units on the provision of Certificates or Statements of Attainment. Further details on credit transfer are available here.

Complaints and Appeals Policy

International Paramedic College understands its obligation to protect the rights of students and customers and is committed to managing and responding to allegations involving the conduct of our marketing, administration, and training and assessment processes, trainers, assessors or other staff or students and third parties who deliver or market or recruit on our behalf.  All complaints and appeals will be treated as an opportunity for improvement and will contribute to our Quality Assurance systems. We also understand our obligation to manage requests for a review of decisions, including assessment decisions, made by ourselves or a third party providing services on our behalf. Further details on Complaints and Appeals are available here.

COVID-19 Adaptive Measures – Training Arrangements

Given the nature of the Covid-19 epidemic, certain adaptations may be made to applications enrolments, training, and assessment strategies as recommended by industry bodies such as the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC), The Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC), ASQA, and the appropriate health or government authorities etc.

Changes in the way students enrol, attend, interact and practice and learn skills will be necessary to ensure social distancing and compliance with any Covid-19 plan.

More Information Other Policy Procedures or Resources

You can access our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here. Our student handbook contains our updated information and outlines our policies and procedures for our students. Our operations, sales and service policies are also outlined in our here in our Terms and Conditions. If you are unhappy with any decision made regarding fees and refunds, then please contact us or follow the Complaints and Appeals process available in the student handbook.