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Internationally Recognised Paramedic Training College

IPC are first responder and Paramedic education and training experts and a leading independent provider of accredited first aid and CPR training courses.

Our International Paramedic Education and mentoring program (IPEMP) includes the Paramedic Workshops, CPD, Ambulance and Patient Transport qualifications that can be delivered around Australia and overseas to a diverse student cohort and…….

"Freedom From Fear"

Our unique“Freedom From Fear” approach to first aid and paramedic learning teaches you skills and confidence so that you

First, do no harm (from the Latin phrase Primum non nocere)

Know exactly when it’s the right time to ‘step in’

How to control any medical emergency and create “order out of chaos” keep everyone calm

How to apply effective, safe treatment and……

Community Event Medical Services

If you are organising an event you must manage the risk as part of your duty of care to provide an environment that ensures the health, safety and welfare of all attendees and employees.

Large groups of people can mean there is a potential risk and ……..

Shop Online for AEDs First aid supplies

We can supply local back up and training support to our range of AED’s First aid kits and supplies.

Zoll, Defibtech, Lifepak defibs. We can supply a complete range.

Special offer of 12 months free access to training for certain AED products

Military style CAT Tourniquets and emergency bandages for major bleeding control and …….

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