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Pocket Mask Training Course

Can be completed 100% Online – Attendance not required

NSW Police require a Pocket Mask Certificate with CPR and First aid training

Learn real practical skills in the use of a pocket mask to safely ventilate a patient in CPR and emergency use

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Online Pocket Mask Training Course

Pocket mask training or CPR Pocket mask as it is sometimes called is mandatory training for the police force and is used by emergency and security services as a method to safely ventilate a patient with a mask which has a one-way valve. This online practical course is available as a stand-alone course, attendance is not required. The online activity covers the following topics:

The 2 different techniques or ways to use a pocket mask

How to obtain an effective seal with your mask

Techniques and tricks to improve mask fit on the face

The two different techniques of airway management

Spinal injury precautions

Use on children and adults in CPR

Your online pocket mask training program was developed by paramedic experts with real-world experience in the use of advanced airway management.  International Paramedic College Australia are designed this course as part of our overall first aid philosophy, and it is a fantastic course for those that work in high-risk environments. Those who pursue hobbies with a higher degree of risk, and first responders or first-aiders and police and security officers who want to understand this critical skill.

If you want training for your crew in your workplace, click here for details or contact us to discuss group-specific needs.

Will I require my own pocket mask?

Yes, you will need to buy your own pocket mask. The CPR Face Mask with a one-way valve comes in a hard case. This pocket mask is used in our Online pocket mask training courses for the NSW police service recruitment entry.

Buy your pocket mask online here for immediate delivery

Use Specialised Equipment

While this course is needed by many people working as lifesavers, police officers, security staff, first responders and emergency service staff like the SES and the Rural Fire Service. Anybody can learn some simple airway techniques to safely deliver breaths to a patient in cardiac arrest. Whether you are learning for work-related reasons, want a better understanding of first aid, emergency care  or are in a high-risk industry or workplace, we can show you some simple techniques to make a lifesaving difference.

Any Entry Requirements

No, while there are no prerequisites for this course, you will need to have sufficient English language skills to complete the competency based and online training.

You will also be required to undertake practical training and assessments at floor level, which may include demonstrating techniques of airway management and pocket mask application.

Participants under the age of 18 are required to provide a consent form completed by their legal guardian. A consent form is available from student services here.

Requirements for Completion

Participants must complete an online learning module and demonstrate 2 techniques of using the Pocket Mask on a person or CPR manikin.

If you complete the training online, you will need to provide a photo ID with your submission.

Students must have their own pocket mask. Your pocket mask can be purchased online here.

Certification and Course Validity

After you successfully complete the training and assessment activities, you will be issued a Statement of Completion Certificate from International Paramedic College. This course is not part of any national accredited curriculum but has been specially developed by International Paramedic College as a Registered Training Organisation in Australia to meet the requirements of police and security services for mandatory pocket mask training.

Course Duration

Online Course

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