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Lennox Head First Aid, CPR and Childcare First Aid Courses


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Here in Lennox Head, we can provide our accredited first aid training courses, CPR courses and childcare accredited first aid courses and certificates. We also deliver regular courses in Ballina, Lismore and Alstonville

International Paramedic College are first aid experts and a leading independent provider of nationally accredited first aid training courses right here in Lennox Head. We offer professional training for groups or individuals in Lennox.

If you are not in Lennox, then give us a yell and we can come to you across the entire North Coast Region. We have the answers or solutions to your first aid questions on AED, CPR Childcare First Aid or Paramedic courses and event medical services.

Lennox Head First Aid Courses – Nationally accredited first aid training

Like The Red Cross and St John Ambulance, we are fully regulated by The Australian Governments Skills Quality Authority (ASQEA) to provide the health and safety qualifications we deliver. Our regulation is through this national government accreditation body to provide professional courses and accredited qualifications like our First Aid Course HLTAID003 which is recognised nationally as the standard requirement for first aid training in Australia.

Lennox head- Childcare First Aid courses HLTAID004

Our Asthma and Anaphylaxis training is a special course specifically designed for parents, people working in the childcare and early childhood learning industry or anyone such as teachers, who work with kids. The Australian Children’s Education & Care Authority (ACECQA) has endorsed our course, HLTAID004 -Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting as meeting their requirements for anaphylaxis, asthma, and first aid training.

Lennox Head CPR Courses HLTAID003

Our CPR Course HLTAID001 is approved by the Royal Australian College Of General Practitioners (RACGP QI&CPD program) as an approved activity for Doctors to complete regularly as part of their continuing professional development program (CPD). In fact, we do run special CPR courses for Doctors and other medical professionals that need to do refresher training or need to recertify in these lifesaving skills.

We run a number of free courses for charity and community groups in Lennox Head. Our free course “what to do until the ambulance arrives” can be delivered free to community groups, disability support networks and local charities. It is all about putting something back into the local communities where we live.

First Aid Kits and Supplies

Yes, we have a range of innovative workplace compliant first aid kits and supplies. From the amazing CAT tourniquet for arterial bleeding and the emergency bandages in our shark attack pack featured in the Northern Star newspaper to our 25 essentials first aid kit or the Setopress bandage for snake bite. Training is our thing, so we will also train you how to use these products.


Buy a DEFIB / AED – Local sales training and support

We sell Automatic External Defibrillators (AED). We have some great value packs for small business, church groups, sporting clubs, charities, individuals or organisations that are community minded. An Automated External Defibrillator or AED is a small, portable easy to operate lifesaving medical devices designed to deliver an electrical shock to a person to improve the success of CPR in Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). We can give specific tailored training and support for a range of first aid products, ambulance and paramedic supplies.

Free online first aid refresher and CPR refresher training

We provide access to free online CPR and first aid training units as a first aid refresher course to support and refresh your knowledge and skills. These free continuing professional development opportunities make sure you keep your knowledge skills updated and current.

We support our students by hosting local news training updates to all our students as a continuing education service. We will provide regular updates and a reminder when your certificate is about to expire.

Language support is available for those with English as a Second Language and our online learning options enable you to easily update your skills. As independent providers, we are able to teach in small groups with varied course content, adjusted to be totally relevant to your needs.

Join us today and learn from experts in what is often voted “the most trusted profession” passionate intensive care paramedic professionals. We can book a venue at the Lennox Head Bowling Club or use your workplace onsite in Lennox Head.

Contact us  for our timetable or to provide training at your venue 0413 244 994


Freedom From Fear approach

We have a unique “freedom from fear”  systematic approach to treating patients that helps you understand the whole picture and develop a systematic first aid plan of action that you can replicate. Learn to see the “sum of the parts” and problem solve clinically to allow you to confidently treat patients effectively, free from the fear of what if I get it wrong, which can overwhelm you.

This cutting-edge approach to emergency first aid was developed by clinical experienced intensive care paramedics working at the coal face and delivering clinical care on the streets. We are focused on emergency medicine, paramedic education and first aid training.

Our team of highly experienced medical, health, ambulance paramedic and emergency services professionals will tailor the training to your needs, adapting scenarios and empowering you with confidence to give immediate and appropriate First Aid in any emergency situation.

Primum non nocere – “First do no harm”

Is an approach as old as medicine itself? Our “freedom from fear” approach empowers learners to be confident. We mentor you to help others, free from the fear that they might make things worse, helping you understand the “why and how”

Read our rave reviews and what others local residents are saying about their learning experience here


Competitive Prices and Quality – You can have both

International Paramedic College is an independent local paramedic education college that can provide Competitive pricing, group discounts and quality training without any shortcuts because we are proud of what we do. You will be learning from real experienced paramedic professionals active in the industry and with real-world experience.

Lennox Head First Aid Kits and Supplies

We have a full range of first aid kits and supplies that we are able to deliver.

Our “25 essentials first aid pack” has everything you need in an emergency and nothing more. It includes the amazing emergency bandage

We sell Automatic External Defibrillators (AED). They are small, portable easy to operate lifesaving medical devices designed to deliver an electrical shock to a person who is in Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). We can give specific tailored training and support for a range of first aid products, ambulance and paramedic supplies.

Workplace or group training can be tailored to your local needs all over the region



The courses offered at our Lennox Head training location are:

Provide CPR


Learn the theory and practice of CPR

Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment

Certificate issued by email

Duration: 3 hours

Valid for 1 year

Group Bookings & Discounts Available

Provide First Aid


Formerly known as Senior First Aid

Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment

Certificate issued by email

Duration 1 Day

Valid for: 3 years

Group Bookings & Discounts Available

Child Care First Aid


ACECQA approved Asthma & Anaphylaxis

Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment

Certificate issued by email

Duration: Duration 1 Day

Valid for: 3 years

Group Bookings & Discounts Available

Advanced Resuscitation & Low Voltage Rescue



Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment

Certificate issued by email

Duration: Duration 5 to 6 Hours

Valid for: 1 year


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