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Our Global Outlook

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” Alvin Toffler”

Paramedic and education should develop decision-making skills and judgement, two critically important clinical skills in the field. You are given your skills and training to use judiciously, to intervene, when a patient’s condition is such that they may not make it to hospital without that intervention. Intervention in itself has its risks and rewards. Finding that balance, requires clinical judgement. Can that be taught? Judgement is according to  the philosopher Kant, in his “Critique of Pure Reason” a talent which can be practised, but the weighting of options with a clear focus on clinical outcomes can, we believe, be developed using the logic inherent in all our thinking. The key factors that allow us to to optimise pre-hospital care comes from recognising our own strengths and weaknesses.


What drives our Educational Philosophy?

Many facets of the way adults learn are moulded into our educational philosophy.

In referencing just two theoretical thinkers who shape the way we think about adult and paramedic education are Paulo Freire and Jack Mezirow.

“Problem-posing education affirms men and women as beings in the process of becoming. “Paulo Freire (1972)

Freire teaches us to respect the learner, to learn through action and reflection, and apply this in equal doses in all learning activities. It is particularly powerful in “trial and error” practical activities.

While Mezirow believed that “adult educators must be aware that helping adults learn how to move from an argumentative mindset to an empathetic understanding of others’ views is a priority.”

Our educational methodology is vital in developing the “bedside manner” and empathy, the “street smarts” that paramedic students, or those involved in pre-hospital care need in a dynamic street environment. Creating a perspective transformation in adults returning to learning makes light bulb moments. When we  help others in times when they face their greatest needs, at time when they are wounded, at times when the simple help and the kindness of others, starts the healing process, moving on from that most vulnerable place.

We are here to help, not just in training and education but by reaching out a hand to help others as well. Generations in the caring professions means we want to be more than a learning hub, we want to help others. The Buy one give one program helps us to help others internationally.



International Paramedic Training College Partnership programs “Put the whole world in your hands”

International Paramedic College has developed a unique business mentoring  and development program, allowing carefully selected clinical and business partners to develop their own First aid and pre-hospital care partnership with us. Starting your own first aid business with someone to walk alongside you provides a wealth of support and benefits to individuals with drive and resilience to develop a fully supported local business with us as a partner. 


“Primum non nocere” – “First do no harm”

Is an approach as old as medicine itself. Our “freedom from fear” approach to education adds more to this old medical adage.

The reality is you need the Freedom to Act, the confidence to not stand back and do nothing with the view that if I do nothing i can do no harm. Inaction has its own consequences for you and the injured person.

Our “old school” approach to helping others means we are there with you, even long after the ink is dry on your certificate. In the stressful nature of emergency-care it is nice to have someone who “cares for the carer”


Our expertise is in emergency medicine

We are industry experts in the emergency medicine pre-hospital care field, it’s what we do. We are not sales staff trying to funnel you into things, and we don’t have a glossy brochure. We just deliver high quality, professional training, from Intensive Care level Paramedics and professional clinicians to you.

International Paramedic College proudly holds membership with the National Institute of First Aid Trainers (NIFAT), an information group dedicated to providing first aid educators with the most up-to-date industry information and professional development opportunities



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