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HLTAID014 Provide Advanced First Aid Lismore Ballina Byron Bay Tweed Heads Kingscliff

Formally HLTAID006 Provide advanced first aid course is for work in high-risk workplaces or who respond to first aid situations on a regular basis, then you should consider Advanced First Aid training.

This course includes skills in casualty assessment, triage, specialist injury management, and extrication. Completed over 1 day with completion of enhanced pre-course learning, this extensive first aid course is very hands-on and offers you the ability to gain a greater depth of knowledge, and practical experience over a wide range of trauma, medical and emergency situations including arterial bleeding and the use of tourniquets.

Advanced First Aid Courses at your place or ours

Advanced first aid training is available at our venue or is also available at your workplace or venue. For onsite training for your group, contact us

Who Should Complete an Advanced First Aid Course?

In November 2019 the Queensland Government implemented changes for ongoing training for licensed bodyguards and crowd controllers.In addition to the standard first aid that is completed during the initial training of guards, Advanced First Aid must be completed every three years.

While this course is needed by many people working as security guards, crowd controllers, first responders and people who have to have a higher level of first aid training than a standard first aid course, it includes all the standard first aid content plus.

How to deal with arterial bleeding and tourniquet use

Haemostatic dressings

How to use Immobilisation and extrication devices

Identifying the patients’  casualty’s illness or injury through their history, signs, and symptoms

Assessing vital signs respiration’s, pulse, temperature

Planning, basic triage and using first aid resources effectively

Advanced first aid is also part of the Occupational First Aid Skill set

This course increases your understanding and clinical skills in lifesaving techniques.

Is Your Advanced First Aid Course a Nationally Recognised Qualification?

We are a local independent training company that provides work cover approved courses and refresher training locally. Like the Red Cross, St John Ambulance and Surf Lifesaving, we are fully regulated by The Australian Government’s Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to provide the health, safety and emergency CPR qualifications we deliver.

Our Advanced First Aid training is nationally recognised by all national bodies as the required standard for Advanced First Aid training in Australia.

We can also tailor the training to your specific needs.e.g. Conduction Mining Industrial or community advanced first aid training

Our regulation is through this national government accreditation body, to provide professional courses and accredited qualifications. Whether you are refreshing past training or attempting certification for the first time, our HLTAID014 Advanced First Aid Course is recognised nationally as the standard requirement for Advanced First Aid training in Australia.


Our Advanced First aid courses are at our venues. If you want training in your workplace or on-site, contact us here.

Is this unit part of any other qualifications or skill sets I can study?

Skill sets

HLTSS00068 Occupational First Aid Skill Set

HLTAID011 Provide First Aid

HLTAID014 Provide advanced First Aid

HLTAID015 Provide advanced resuscitation and oxygen therapy*

HLTAID016 Manage First Aid services and resources

Note: Units marked with* have prerequisite HLTAID011 Provide First Aid

Work safe Australia recommends this qualification be refreshed or renewed every Three (3) years from date of issue. You are required to undertake annual CPR and Advanced Resuscitation refresher training. Our comprehensive student management system will remind you a month before your CPR and first aid certificate are due to be renewed.


HLT21020 Certificate II in Medical Service First Response

HLT31120 Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport

HLT31220 Certificate III in Basic Health Care

HLT41120 Certificate IV in Health Care (Ambulance EMT Medic)

HLT51020 Diploma of Emergency Health Care

Entry Requirements

While there are no prerequisites for this course, you will need to have sufficient English language skills to complete the competency based first aid training.

You will also be required to undertake practical training and assessments at floor level, which may include demonstrating CPR on a manikin for two minutes.

If you have reduced mobility or a current injury that may make this difficult, please call and discuss this with us prior to booking.

Participants under the age of 18 are required to provide a consent form completed by their legal guardian when they attend training.


Participants must attend 100% of this first aid training and all assessments to a satisfactory level. Various assessment tasks and practical activities are used for the assessment of this course.

Qualification Issued

Qualification validity Three (3) years from the date of issue. You are required to undertake annual CPR and Advanced Resuscitation refresher training. Our comprehensive student management system will remind you a month before your CPR and first aid certificate is due to be refreshed.

Cost of First Aid Training

Large groups and on-site pricing vary, please contact us to discuss the available options.

Physical Requirements

If you suffer an allergy to latex products, please advise us. Practical activities involve training scenarios conducted at floor level and contact with other students/instructors. Please wear suitable clothing.

As an example, CPR is a rigorous physical activity requiring you to compress the chest of a manikin downwards about a third of the chest depth continuously at 100 to 120 times a minute for a continuous period of 2 minutes. This requires a level of endurance, strength, and fitness appropriate to this task. If you have current physical injuries, medical problems or limitations, please discuss this with your trainer. It is important that you don’t injure yourself or exacerbate an existing condition in training.

The Assessment Process

We use a range of assessment methods to gather evidence of your knowledge and applied skills for this unit. The assessment methods for this unit include pre course enhanced online learning content including multiple choice questions, and  you will complete the practical activities on the day of your course. On enrolment, you will be provided with access to International Paramedic College’s course online learning materials; it is expected that you have read and understood and completed the content prior to starting the assessments on the day of your practical course. Full information about the assessment requirements and course content is available here.

On enrolment, you will be provided with a login to our student portal to access online assessment tasks. We understand that this may not suit everybody, and so we can offer various modes of delivery onsite over extended time frames. Practical training may be provided face to face or could be provided online.

We estimate that the pre-course online learning component may take from 5 to 8 hours, depending on previous experience with first aid content.

Reasonable Adjustment – Learning difficulties

Enrolment in this training requires participants to provide details on any learning or physical difficulties which may impact on their training outcomes. This may include any language, literacy, or numeracy issues.

Students may also discuss any special needs with your assessor, who may be able to make any required, reasonable adjustment to the assessments to meet these needs. Please note the requirements under physical activity below.

Reasonable adjustment may include access to paper-based assessments due to technical or access issues to online assessment systems.

Please note, to be deemed competent you must be physically able to perform the following (these requirements cannot be changed):

Uninterrupted CPR for at least 2 minutes on an adult manikin placed on the floor

Uninterrupted CPR infant manikin placed on a firm surface.

Please speak with us prior to enrolment assessment if you have any concerns.

Certification and Course Validity

After you successfully complete the training and assessment activities, you will be issued a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment in

HLTAID009 Provide CPR

HLTAID011 Provide First Aid

HLTAID014 Provide Advanced First Aid

HLTAID015 Provide Advanced Resuscitation (optional, but can be included as part of this course. Additional time required)

Advanced first aid is also part of the HLTSS00068 Occupational First Aid Skill set

If you choose to include Manage First aid services, advanced resuscitation and oxygen therapy training as part of the HLTSS00068 Occupational First Aid Skill set. This would require additional time of 1 day

The CPR certification is valid for one (1) year from date of issue. First aid and advanced first aid are valid for 3 years

This program is delivered by a specialist clinical educator with extensive clinical experience.

Our comprehensive student management system will send you a reminder message about 1 month before your certificates are due to be renewed.

Unique Student Identifier Number (USI)

From 1 January 2015 anyone undertakes nationally recognised training delivered by a Registered Training Organisation will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). If you have not yet applied for a USI, you will need to do so prior to attending training with us. To apply or to check if you already have a USI number, is a quick and painless online process at the Australian Government website https://www.usi.gov.au/. Follow the prompts as a student. Click here to apply online or check your USI number.

If you require help in obtaining one, please contact the office. If you are unable or choose not to provide a USI, or have an exemption granted under the Student Identifiers Act 2014, then your training outcome will not be recorded on your USI account and will not be available in future years as part of the authenticated USI transcript service. More information is available about USI numbers on our website here.

Finding your USI Number

Important course information – Please Read

If you need to make any changes to your practical course date for CPR and First Aid type courses, a $35 admin fee will apply if you fail to provide 3 days notice by email or make multiple changes. If you are unable to attend for any reason, fees, and charges may be applied as per our Payments, refunds, and cancellation policy available here. Any request to change your course booking, must be done by email to training@internationalparamediccollege.com.au

Student Services Information and Policies

Our student handbook, refunds, terms, and conditions and our policies on are available in the footer of this website. Students can access these at any time. Information for students is provided in the student handbook.

Course Duration

1 Day 8.5 Hours with  enhanced online pre-course learning

Standard delivery option only available for employer/workplace groups onsite

Contact us for available onsite dates

Course Fees

1 Day 8.5-hour Express Delivery with enhanced online pre-course work required


2 Day with HLTSS00068 Occupational skill set includes Advanced Resuscitation & Manage First Aid Services


Large groups and on-site pricing vary, Contact us

please contact us to discuss the available options