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100% Online Stop the Bleeding Course or you can have a group Face to Face /Zoom workshops

Learn real practical skills in advanced bleeding control and the use of military style tourniquets to control torrential life-threatening bleeding.

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Tourniquets for Serious Arterial Bleeding

Do the Maths here, and you will see why you need to help yourself, not wait for help to come to you. Arterial bleeding is time critical
Do the maths; You have 5 to 6 litres of blood in the body. The heart beats 70 times a minute and ejects about 70 ml of blood each time it beats.
That equals 4.9 litres of blood circulated by the heart each minute.
So your heart can eject your entire blood volume in minutes from arterial bleeding. Yes, I understand the variables, but the principle remains the same.

100% Online Arterial Bleeding Workshop 3 Hour Course

Learn management of severe bleeding from intensive care paramedics. This practical online activity covers the following topics:

The effects of blood loss on the body

Military style tourniquets use

Emergency bandage or Israeli bandage and pressure dressings on the limbs and torso

Australian Resuscitation guidelines for the management of bleeding

Priorities of treatment in remote or austere environments

Wound Packing

Your 100% online workshop is developed by paramedic experts with real-world experience.  International Paramedic College are pioneers in stopping the bleed training and have developed our unique Shark Attack Package and stop the bleed packs in Australia.
This workshop is designed as part of our overall first aid philosophy and fantastic for those that work in high-risk environments. Those who pursue hobbies with a higher degree of risk, and first responders or first-aiders who want to understand this critical skill. If you are in remote environments, travelling on a yacht or working with chainsaws, land care groups or diving and surfing communities. You all have the potential need for this training.

If you want training for your crew in your workplace, click here for details or contact us to discuss group-specific needs.

On Enrolment, you will have the option to purchase a discounted military training tourniquet and Israeli emergency bandage for practising and demonstrating the application and use of these products. This allows you to get “hands-on” experience with the equipment before an emergency. You will need a military style tourniquet to demonstrate its application via video submission if you want to receive a certificate.

What will I learn about how to stop the bleeding in serious trauma?

Learn what it really means to stop the bleeding and how vital a first aid skill it is. The Australian Resuscitation Council, the body who sets the standards for first aid training in Australia, has in its latest guidelines said that the control of life-threatening bleeding takes precedence over any other issue in an emergency first aid response.

Our unique approach will show you a plan to develop the confidence to effectively control arterial haemorrhage with a range of new and excitingly effective products like the CAT tourniquet or the emergency or Israeli bandage.

Do the maths, 5 to 6 litres of blood in the body. The heart beats 70 times a minute and ejects about 70 ml of blood. That equals 4.9 litres of blood circulated by the heart each minute. So, your heart can eject your entire blood volume in minutes from arterial bleeding. Yes, I understand the variables, but the principle remains the same. You can read all about this blood loss principle that shows the urgency required to stop the bleed.

Use Specialised Equipment

You will also learn many simple techniques to manage serious bleeding with your hands and use a range of easy to use equipment found in our Shark Attack Pack discussed here in the media or our unique Stop the Bleeding trauma package designed for high-risk trades, farms, and workplaces.

While this course is needed by many people working as lifesavers, tree felling, police officers, security staff, first responders and emergency service staff like the SES and the Rural Fire Service. Anybody can learn some simple techniques to make an incredible difference. Whether you are learning for work-related reasons, want a better understanding of first aid, emergency care  or are in a high-risk industry or workplace, we can show you some simple techniques to make a lifesaving difference.

Any Entry Requirements

No, while there are no prerequisites for this course, you will need to have sufficient English language skills to complete the competency based and online training.

You will require a tourniquet to complete the practical component. If you don’t have the one already, you can purchase them here.

CAT Tourniquet Shop online

You will also be required to undertake practical training and assessments at floor level, which may include demonstrating techniques of bleeding control.

If you have reduced mobility or a current injury that may make this difficult, please call and discuss this with us before booking.

Participants under the age of 18 are required to provide a consent form completed by their legal guardian.

Requirements for Completion

Participants must complete an online learning module and upload a video demonstration the application of a tourniquet. Demonstration may also be completed face to face in local first aid courses

Certification and Course Validity

After you successfully complete the training and assessment activities, you will be issued a Statement of Completion Certificate from International Paramedic College. This course is not part of any national accredited curriculum, but has been specially developed by International Paramedic College.

Our comprehensive student management system will send you a reminder message after 1 year to remind you to refresh your training in emergency bleeding.

Course Duration

3.5 Hours Online

100% Online for individuals or on-site face to face/Zoom group training for organisations



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