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When you log in to our student portal, you can follow the prompts, answer the statistical questions, provide your USI number and complete your online assessment tasks.

If you have any problems

If you cannot complete the assessment tasks for any reason, if you use up all your 3 attempts and have questions incorrect don’t worry, you can discuss options with your trainer on the day of your course.

If anybody has technical issues, physical disabilities, injuries or learning difficulties  please contact us to let us know so that reasonable adjustment can be looked at for the assessment tasks.

We will normally process a course and issue certificates within 1 to 2 Business days after a course. We issue certificates by email. Please check your junk/spam mail.
As a Registered Training Organisation in Australia we are unable to issue a certificate without a valid USI number.
We must have a valid USI and all assessment tasks must be fully completed before a certificate can be issued.

If this is not done prior to your course, you will experience delays in processing your assessments.

Follow this link for information about your course location/venue.

Before attending – USI and Pre-course learning

Do you know what your Unique Student Identifier (USI) number is? If you are unsure what a USI is or how to find your USI, then follow this link for more information. We will require a valid USI number in order to issue you a certificate. You will need to know your USI number when logging into our student portal for the first time.

If you are under 18, please download the Under 18 parent/guardian consent form (found within our student information) and bring a signed copy of this form with you to the course.

Save Time and the Environment

Save yourself some time on the day of your course and help our planet by choosing to complete your enrolment and written assessment tasks online.

We train several thousand students every year and each first aid student previously required 80 pages of paper, printing and storage for 30 years
We and our environment thank you for helping us reduce paper waste by using the login details provided to you by email below and completing your enrolment and assessment tasks online.

Our student portal can be found at the bottom of our homepage or follow the link below and enter your unique log in details.

The student portal will ask you to reset your password and add a password hint (in case you forget your password) and complete some statistical questions when you first log in.

You will now be able to download the learning materials.

A handy tip is to download a copy of it that you can refer to while working through the questions or use a dual screen to view the material and the questions at the same time. You can choose to work through the questions in one sitting or complete each section at different times. Most students tell us that it takes 20 minutes to 2 hours to complete the questions depending on which course you are enrolled in and your prior knowledge and experience of first aid.

If for any reason you are unable to complete these tasks online, do not panic, you can complete a paper-based version on the day of your course. Do not contact our office. The trainer on the day of your course will simply give you a paper-based assessment to complete rather than the online version.

We look forward to seeing you at your course.

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