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Booking Employer – Organisations – Group Bookings

Instructions on how to book people into our public courses.

Step 1

Go to our website homepage and click either of the following options to view our Public Course Dates and Locations.

  1. Click ‘BOOK A COURSE’ in the header.

See picture below


Step 2

Scroll down to find you course type, date and location.

Now to enroll, click the green ‘Book’ button next to the course.

Step 3

Please be sure to click the highlighted text (where the arrows are pointing) in the screenshot below.

‘click here.’

Step 4

Be sure to fill out the following information on this page.

Fields marked with * are required and must be completed.

Step 5

Enroll up to 20 of your staff by entering their details.

Step 6

Select payment method: Under Payment Method you have the choice to pay by ‘Credit Card’  ‘Invoice’ or ‘Invoice My Employer’

You also have the option to include a ‘Purchase Order Number’ or coupon code if applicable

Step 7

Lastly, be sure to have a read of our Terms and Conditions.

To submit your form you will need to tick the box below and Agree to these terms.

Any problems call us on 1300 244 994


send us an email on training@internationalparamediccollege.com.au

You can use this system for 1 or up to to 20 students