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Bites and Stings


First aid treatment of bites and stings?

Many of the worlds most venomous creatures call Austalia home. First aid treatment for bites and stings varies depending on what animal is responsible for the bite or sting.

Are all bites and stings dangerous? How do you know what treatment is required? What if the person is allergic to that type of bite/sting?

Not all creatures that bite or sting are dangerous, though many bites and stings can be painful. Never attempt to catch or kill an animal which has bitten or stung you – most likely it will result in further pain and a positive identification is not required for treatment to commence.

There are four different treatments for bites and stings:

  1. Vinegar. Ordinary, household vinegar applied to the affected area.
  2. Cold therapy. Application of a cold compress.
  3. Heat therapy. Application of heat – as hot as the person stung can stand (this will very from person to person).
  4. Pressure immobilsation bandage. Very firm application of a wide, elasticised bandage and immobilisation of the affected limb.

Practical ways to apply the appropriate treatment for envenomation, management of anaphylaxis and what to do until the ambulance arrives are part of our First aid courses.

Call the Ambulance on 000 in Australia following an envenomation, particularly if the casualty is a known anaphylatic or is experiencing signs of an allergic reaction. Be prepared to commence CPR if necessary and ensure you have a Defibrillator

Download your free bites and stings wall chart here

Most people do not apply a Pressure Immobolisation Bandage firmly enough.

The Setopress High Compression Bandage has printed rectangles to guide the user in applying the bandage at the correct pressure. When stretched correctly the rectangles become squares which provide over 30mmHg (brown square) and 20mmHg (green square) of pressure.

Click here for more information about the Pressure ImmobilsationTechnique or to purchase a Setopress High Compression Bandage

Ticks are a common pest in many parts of Australia and whilst most are fairly harmless to humans, the paralysis tick can cause serious problems and be fatal to our furry friends. An embedded tick can be difficult to remove, however one of the quickest and easiest ways is with Tick Tox spray. This spray snap freezes the ticks, allowing them to be brushed off and is safe for use on people and animals including cats and dogs.

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