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Baby First Aid – Kids First Aid  – Toddler Emergencies

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New Mothers Parents and Babies First Aid

New Mums, parents groups and those who care for kids come along and understand emergencies with babies and young children. Learn “What to do until the Ambulance arrives”.

Kids and new babies are not smaller adults, there is a sizeable difference in how you treat them. We get that because we come from a paramedical and clinical background

I understand it’s your baby or your child, and you’re freaking out about the situation, I am a parent too, but controlling your duress responses is vital. Somebody has to do something, and today that person may be you.

If your child stopped breathing today, would you know what to do? It’s a great question:

Fenton O’Leary and the team from the Children’s Hospital at Westmead asked 348 parents and carers that question. Here is what they found!

Only half had received formal CPR training

Only 11% knew the correct rate of chest compressions and the correct ratio of compressions to breaths.

A surprising 8% had performed real CPR

8% that is shocking, and it was reported as the major reason for not performing CPR, It was a lack of knowledge.

Parents and carers of high-risk children are usually trained in basic life support, but everyone could be trained in the simple process. Controlling your duress response to comfortably AND confidently perform basic CPR and emergency procedures that can make a real difference in emergency.

Real hands-on practice with your baby and our baby and child manikins will show you what to do and how to do it.

Bring your baby along if you like, and learn some emergency skills and practical things to avoid things going bad. Prevention is better than cure, but with our background in emergency treatment of babies and kids we can answer all your questions, arm you with the knowledge to really help in an emergency.

This is not an accredited course. A first aid certificate will not be issued. This is a community-based course run by emergency professionals to  support local parents who want to know how to help their infants and toddlers in an emergency.

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Course Duration

3 Hours

Course Fees

$40 per person

This course can be run onsite for

Mother Parents and babies groups