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What to do until the Ambulance Arrives Community Course

What to do until the Ambulance Arrives?

$20 Enrolment fee is non-refundable

What to do until the Ambulance arrives is a question we get all the time in first aid training. Like our New Mums and Parents Baby first aid course, which provides parents and careers about first aid emergencies in babies, This is a community based course that supports those in our local community.
“What to do until the Ambulance Arrives” is a 3-hour public education session that we have developed which runs through a basic emergency management plan and includes CPR and AED use and awareness. The importance of managing major bleeding and what to do with an unconscious patient to protect their airway. This is a community-based CPR and first aid session, not a replacement for fully accredited CPR and First Aid courses, which can be booked here. So, you won’t get a certificate, but it is a great opportunity to learn some emergency skills, for you and your family. We will cover the 10 Lifesaving skills everyone should know for emergency first aid

If your child stopped breathing today, would you know what to do? Did you know that Fenton O’Leary and the team from the Children’s Hospital at Westmead asked 348 parents and carers that question, and:

Only half had received formal CPR training and only 11% knew the correct rate for chest compressions and the correct ratio of compressions to breaths.

A surprising 8% had performed real CPR.

They reported the major reason for not performing CPR was a lack of knowledge. We can help with that by completing this course “What to do until the Ambulance arrives” or Alternatively, you could organise a group session for New Mums and Parents of Baby First Aid.

We run this course to help you understand what to do while you are waiting for an ambulance to arrive, for groups such as

Local Councils like Richmond Valley Council in Casino

Local schools & community groups

Fundraising sessions for volunteer groups, schools etc

and as a way to put something back into the community


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