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It seems our mobile phones are always by our side.

Perhaps our phone apps can be our best friend in an emergency, disaster situation in Australia. 

The Best Australian Emergency Apps For Your Phone


Emergency +

The vital lifesaving skills you need in an emergency may not be enough or you need to understand what to do until the ambulance arrive

When calling 000 from a mobile phone you need be able to provide as much information as possible to emergency service operators about the where the emergency is happening. When you’re in town and there are streets everywhere this isn’t as tricky, but if you are travelling in a country area, particularly if it is unfamiliar to you, it becomes much harder.

The Emergency+  app addresses one of the biggest issues currently faced by emergency service operators. With 66 per cent of 000 callers phoning from their mobile phones and with many unable to provide their exact location – such as when they’re on a beach or on a long stretch of road.

What 3 Words Feature added to Emergency +

The Emergency+ smart phone app uses your phones GPS function to provide you with your longitude and latitude. Recently updated to include What3words which encodes your GPS location into 3 dictionary words with a resolution of about 3 square meters and was used for the first time in Australia to rescue a person in February 2020

NB. If you have no mobile reception you are unable to contact emergency services. If planning a hiking trip you can hire an EPIRB from these locations

“Anybody have plans to stare at their phone somewhere exciting this weekend?”

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Triple Zero Kids Challange

Could your children help you out if you needed them to call emergency services. Would they know what to do?

This is a free app to teach children how to handle emergency situations including simulations of  000 calls from a mobile phone The app has 9 different safety based scenarios that teach basic safety information

Children learn and talk through the questions they will be asked in an Emergency call.

Police, fire or ambulance.

What is your exact address? Do your children know your address? How they can identify your location if the address is unknown

What phone number are you calling from?

What is the emergency you are having?

Can you tell me exactly what is wrong.

Are there other adults who can help you?

Always stay on the phone.

Do you know if the person takes special medicine?

Can you find it?

Can you help him take it?

Stay calm and talk clearly.

Understanding unconsciousness and how to get a response are also discussed.

Users are shown how to make emergency calls if a phone is locked.

You Can Download the app here