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The “Israeli” or Emergency Bandage to Control Serious Bleeding

The Emergency Bandage comes vacuum packed so it is easy to store and carry

The Emergency Bandage or Israeli bandage is a great product to help in the over 40 per cent of trauma-related deaths occur in the first 24 hours following an injury due to massive blood loss.

Controlling bleeding via direct and indirect pressure is one of the most important things that people first on the scene can do do to give that person the best chance of survival until the ambulance arrives. First aid management of bleeding can make a big difference. The CAT Tourniquet, a military type tourniquet is great for arterial bleeding but we have another recommendation for dressing, treating and applying direct pressure to wounds. The emergency bandage or Israeli bandage as it is sometimes called is a great product for bleeding control. It is an integral part of our unique stop the bleed packs and shark attack packs.

The use of bleeding control packages, like the shark attack pack, featured here in local and national media, deserves the publicity and prominence it is receiving in the media. Arterial bleeding that is not controlled will lead to death from blood loss in minutes, not hours, so immediate treatment is required and specialist products are the most effective in the time critical environment. The Australian Resuscitation Council in its latest guidelines on bleeding suggests that military style tourniquets and specialist bleeding control products are far more effective than makeshift tourniquets.

Training in how to control torrential life-threatening is one of the vital life saving first aid skills you should learn and practice with the equipment  regularly. We have a lot of “tricks of the trade” in how to manage bleeding in local first aid courses or we have a specific Bleeding control workshop with online training and a practical workshop to specifically deal with bleeding emergencies and shock.

25 items that should be in every first aid kit – the minimalist approach

The emergency bandage is one of the 25 essential items I believe should be in every first aid kit. It can be applied with one hand and was developed for military use. The emergency bandage is an elasticised bandage with a non-adhesive bandage pad . The bandage has a built-in pressure bar, that can be twisted to create pressure on the wound. A closure bar at the end of the bandage means that it clips into place and can be used to increase pressure if required.

Have a look at our Utube channel to find out more about the Emergency Bandage and how to use it

The Emergency Bandage