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Shark Attack First Aid Treatment Pack

Shark attack first aid treatment and training is a frequent topic at International Paramedic College local first aid classes we run on the northern rivers of NSW. We are based in the Ballina, Evans Head Byron Bay corridor that has seen several shark attacks and a number of “incidents” over the last few years.

In response we have developed the “Shark Attack Pack”. It combines a number of first aid products to deal with traumatic life threatening haemorrhage and training in their use.


What is in the Shark Attack Pack?

The kit consists of a Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) tourniquet an 3 emergency bandages sometimes referred to as an Israeli bandage a pair of paramedic shears to cut wetsuits, combine dressings gloves and importantly we offer training in the use of these products.

Can you teach us how to use it in an emergency?

Yes we can. Just as important as the contents is that we will teach you how to use them in an emergency. This can be done for community groups or local emergency services or we can do it one on one or for groups via video conference like skype. We think it is important to have the right stuff but it is equally important that someone knows how to use it in an emergency.

Contact us to arrange group training or call 0413 244 994 and we can discuss your needs, The packs can be purchased online here.

If you live locally in Ballina, Lennox HeadLismore, Byron Bay or Evans Head or anywhere in Northern NSW you could attend or organise group training on-site for your crew.

We have developed an online training package and workshop to teach you how to stop bleeding. Contact us for details

Stop the Bleed is gaining extensive media coverage as the military style products that can help you manage bleeding within the short time it takes a patient to bleed out are readily available in kits like our unique shark attack pack and stop the bleeding packs.