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Many of us have heard of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011 know that we have a duty of care in the workplace, but few people are aware of the Model Code of Practice: First Aid in the Workplace. This document ties in with the WHS Act 2011 and outlines first aid requirements for workplaces. This covers training, ratio of first aid officers to staff, and how comprehensive your first aid resources may need to be.

If we just do what is right, right things will follow. If you think you can’t afford compliance, try paying the bill for non-compliance

Craig Nolan

Intensive Care Paramedic, International Paramedic College


Is your Business first aid compliant? –  More Than 87% of businesses are non-compliant!

Feeling lost and unsure where to start?  Firstly, complete a risk assessment. Sounds daunting but it isn’t actually bigger than Ben Hur. Basically, you need to consider:

  1. What could happen? What does happen? These things will vary from workplace to workplace, the average office isn’t known for having as many hazards as say a battlefield but both workplaces have their own hazards.
  2. Who might be harmed and how? How seriously might they be harmed and how likely is it to happen? Don’t be a victim of those famous last words ‘it’ll never happen…..’ Be prepared.
  3. Policy alone won’t prevent every contingency from occurring – you will also need the appropriate first aid equipment, facilities and training. The Code of Practice document provides some guidance as to what your first aid kit might need but for more advice, have a chat with our friendly trainers at one of our courses, visit our online store or contact us to discuss your needs.

Practical training tailored to your workplace

The best first aid kit in the world is of limited use without people trained in first aid. The code outlines a requirement that training should be specific to the workplace. Quality training is contextualized to your workplace with lots of practical scenarios to build skill and confidence in handling a first aid situation. Here at International Paramedic College, we take great pride in delivery of quality first aid training which is relevant to the workplace, sporting fields and home. Our reviews speak for themselves!

Where to now?

Here’s some handy links to help get your business first aid compliant

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